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---::: Introduction :::---
Master the advanced combat system and harness the power of real-time tactical decisions while fighting.
Choose your path by creating unique characters from six different races:
<+> Human
<+> Elf
<+> Dark Elf
<+> Orc
<+> Dwarf
<+> Kamael
Form a clan and unite your powers to defeat enemies and achieve common goals.
Take part in colossal player-versus-player siege warfare battles, defending your castle or fortress whatever the cost.
Level up a baby pet into a superior companion, or travel in style with a rideable wolf or strider pet.

The game has siege warfare, raid bosses, clans, arenas, multi class systems, and a ton of extra features that have managed to keep this game relevant for over a decade.
The game has various classes, and depending on which race you choose, you gain access to certain class trees. Players start with a basic class, which can be upgraded at different level intervals (Level 20 first class, Level 40 second class, Level 76 third class). Once a player reaches Level 85, they can add a subclass, which starts at Level 40. Once the subclass has reached Level 75, the player can choose another one, and level that as well. There are also dual classes which can be added after completing a quest at Level 80.

<<<::: Key Features :::>>>
<+> Insane Variety of Classes – choose from over thirty different classes which can be upgraded multiple times. You can even have a sub class or a dual class upon reaching the end-game.
<+> Tried and True – with over ten years of development and updates under its belt, game is still well-played and relevant.
<+> Tons of Content – with new patches being added and the development team constantly working to improve the game, the game won’t leave you bored.
<+> Throw a Glove – with open world PvP, players can choose to duel or PK with ease. Various PvP and PvE options are available, with the best stages available in the endgame.
<+> Unique Skill Tree System – instead of gaining skill points with each level, players gain SP (independently of XP) which can be invested in the skill tree for new abilities and such.

<<<::: High Five delivers the following updates requested by players from around the world: :::>>>

<+> 7 new raid bosses and nearly 20 new high-level quests
<+> New skills and items, plus revamped hunting zones
<+> Grand Olympiad enhancements and improved clan leveling
<+> Nevit’s Advent Blessing, a new Vitality-related boost system

Welcome to Retail gameplay again!
Feel the game again as it was in its origins!
Have fun!

---::: Server Rates :::---
> Experience (EXP): 3x | Skill Points (SP): 3x
> Adena: 3x | Items Drop: 3x | Spoil: 3x
> Quest Experience (EXP): 3x
> Quest Skill Points (SP): 3x
> Quest Drop Items: 3x
> Quest Adena: 3x
> Additional Quest Multipliers: 3x
> Weight Limit: 1x
> Extractable items and skills rate: 3x
> Party Multiplier (EXP and SP): 1.5x
> Manor: 3x
> Raid Drop: 3x (Grand RaidBosses jewelry amount 1x)
> Hellbound Increase/Decrease: 3x
> Pets Experience (EXP): 3x
> Sin Eater Experience (EXP): 3x

---::: Basic Configurations (Retail-Like) :::---
> Buff Slots: 20 | Dance and Songs Slots: 12 and 12
> Auto Learn Skills: No; Forgotten and/or Divine Inspiration Autolearn: No
> Autoloot: No; Autoloot RaidBoss: No
> Sell and craft offline mode
> Vitality System
> Nevit’s Blessing System, Nevit’s Hourglass and Nevit’s Herald System
> Champions System | Wedding System
> PcBang Points System | Lucky Pigs System
> High Five Treasure Chests System
> All Seven Signs Quest (12 Quests)
> Spawn Return System
> Pailaka Working
> Kamaloka Working
> Rim Kamaloka Working
> Elpies, Rabbits, Race events scheduled
> Fishing King Championship Tournament Event
> Kratei’s Cube Event
> Aerial Cleft Event
> Enhanced Players Security with Secondary Auth Password
> Planned Maintenance Reboot (Every Wednesday at 10:00 AM server local time, warning the players online 10 minutes before)
> High Ping Protection System
> Full Geodata & Pathnodes

---::: Commands :::---
> .expon and .expoff – Enable and disable EXP gain
> .teletocl – Teleports you near your clan leader
> .online – Show you in-game players
> .changepassword – Change the actual password by another one.
> .changeemail – Change the actual email by another one.
> .repair character name – Repair broken players.
> .store – Update player data (in case of emergency).
> .premium – Check your premium status.
> .autoloot – Loot all item(s).
> .itemloot – Loot all better item(s).
> .herbloot – Loot recovery(s) herb(s).

---::: Dedicated Machine Information :::---
> Server: Intel – 2,33 GHz – 4 cores.
> Operating System: Linux Server 64 bits
> Connection: 100 Mbps Symmetrical
> RAM Memory: 4 GB DDR2 asigned, 8GB DDR2 in total
> Hard Disk Drive: 640 GB

---::: Links :::---
Website: https://www.jpszone.com
Forum: https://www.jpszone.com/forum
Tweeter: https://twitter.com/jpszone_

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