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Help Premium On/Off Method

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Hi, as title say, i want to make this premium visible on CB. It's good on .premium too, but i want something different.

If player buy for exemple, 1 day of premium, i want to display with ON, i want to add 3 methods. 1 day, 2 days and 3 days. Again, if player buy 1 day, and this is ON, 2 and 3 days, to be OFF.
I have something configured, but isn't good. I want to fix it.


int premiumDays = 0;
				returnHtml = returnHtml.replace("%if_player_buy_1_day%", Integer.toString(premiumDays, 1)); // if player buy 1 day, display ON. 2 & 3 days, off
				returnHtml = returnHtml.replace("%if_player_buy_2_days%", Integer.toString(premiumDays, 2)); // to display off
				returnHtml = returnHtml.replace("%if_player_buy_3_days%", Integer.toString(premiumDays, 3)); // to display off

Exemple it is here.


Thank's for reading ! 

for L2j-Mobius ( High Five )

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you can use voiced commands in htmls. i use it for "changepassword". Moved it on CB (using Mobius too)


bypass -h voice .premium (copy/move the required htmls)

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