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L2EUROPA x7 Account

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WTS elemental master lvl 80 with 2 weeks premium account
Blue wolf leather set (High Priest Suit)
Pa'agrio Axe +5
Baium lvl3 (13 days)
Queen ant lvl3 (13 days)
Core lvl3 (13 days)
Orfen lvl3(13 days)
zaken lvl3 (13 days)
Braclet of duty lvl4
Talisman of aden +5
Talisman of authority lvl5
Talisman of insolence Lvl 3
Warriors Talisman - attack 5 days 
Brooch lvl3
Hero's XP amulet (20% xp/sp) 5 days left
Attribute attack 115
Loads of B-A grade weapon/armor desings/pieces AND 120KK Adena
few other chars on same account for adena farm and so on..
PM me in discord for offers ( ecHeLon#4247 )


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