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Aion Exile [NA] 4.6

Kashim Von Pika

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Hello guys!


I have been w orking on a new Aion 4.6 server on the NA side, and this Sunday (December first) we've released the beta version! The preferred rates would be 3x with some tweaks here and there. ;)

Due to the nature of the beta you have access to some GM commands to make things easier (there's a list posted on the discord server) also the rates are 10x.

The server will include:

- Geodata

- Base camps

- Sieges

- Instances

- PVP Arenas

- Special events

And as the banner says, there is more!

We're looking to build a new friendly community of players for both the beta release the the official release that will come soon after. Since it's only a beta version, there are still a few bugs here and there is a known bug list that we're working on! We're at the start of our way, so we are very open to your suggestions.

Come and join us on the discord server: https://discord.gg/s9BqRQk

Thanks for reading, hoping to see you soon!



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