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New Interlude product based on the Classic: Secret of Empire

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Dear customers and guests of the lucera2 project!

A huge number of project have already appreciated the high level of our product and the scrupulous approach to the implementation of all systems as well as the overall support and we do not want to rest on our laurels and want to announce the implementation of the new Interlude project, a logical continuation based on the new Classic: Secret of Empire game client.

These are not fake "Remasterd" and chronicles "higher" implementations based on the outdated Gracia Final client, but really a complete content implementation based on the latest game client!

Overview and implementation process:

At the moment, the development process is coming close to the final. Everything that is needed in the Interlude content is implemented - a common world, locations, skills and their correspondence, locations let's like Rune which removed from the classic client.

At this stage, work remained with the transfer of components of the game client - quests, NPCs, some items, skills, their description and conditions of use, and will be resolved in the coming days.




The distribution model remains completely unchanged from the Interlude branch and in detail:

* The cost of the product is 120 USD and is lifetime. Monthly payment implies access to updates and those. support and is optional - 20 usd.

* Detailed information will be supplemented from the launch of the test server EN Section

* Minimum requirements from the server, software and from the administrator EN Section

Answers on questions:

Q. When will the test be?

A. When we finish work to the point that it can be opened in public. Within a month, we think so.

Q. Will content be mixed with Classic?

A. In general native Interlude content but all Classic chips will be optional

Q. Do you have a super VIP subscription?

A. No we have one repository and the development process is absolutely common for all customers, we don’t separate them in any way on a financial basis. Our task is to maximize the implementation of content and fully support projects when implementing a game server

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