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That's another share today! Xexe :D, It has to be with HTML again. We know it is so boring when you are trying to add GM skills in you GM character and it appears a message: ERROR NO SKILL and bla bla. Well below you will find the html which you have to modify, in order to view ONLY the GM Skills which are working!


1. Go to html/admin/skills/Special/GM_Skills.htm and open it.


2. Replace the whole code with the code below:


<html><title>Choose skill to add</title><body>


<a action="bypass -h admin_add_skill 7029 1">Super Haste (Lvl 1)</a>

<a action="bypass -h admin_add_skill 7029 2">Super Haste (Lvl 2)</a>

<a action="bypass -h admin_add_skill 7029 3">Super Haste (Lvl 3)</a>

<a action="bypass -h admin_add_skill 7029 4">Super Haste(Lvl 4)</a>

<a action="bypass -h admin_add_skill 4683 1">Valakas Dragon Breath</a>

<a action="bypass -h admin_add_skill 4688 1">Valakas Shock</a>

<a action="bypass -h admin_add_skill 4681 1">Valakas Fear</a>

<a action="bypass -h admin_add_skill 4111 1">(Antharas skill) Fossilization</a>

<a action="bypass -h admin_add_skill 4108 1">(Antharas skill) Terror</a>

<a action="bypass -h admin_add_skill 4109 1">Curse Of Antharas</a>

<a action="bypass -h admin_add_skill 7025 1">an Evil GM Curse</a>

<a action="bypass -h admin_add_skill 7026 1">SH Area Buff</a>

<a action="bypass -h admin_add_skill 7027 1">SH Party Buff</a>

<a action="bypass -h admin_add_skill 7028 1">SH Short Buff</a>


Add a custom skill :


<tr><td>Id: </td>

<td><edit var="id" width=110></td></tr>

<tr><td>Level: </td>

<td><edit var="level" width=110></td></tr>


<center><button value="Add skill" action="bypass -h admin_add_skill $id $level" width=110 height=15 back="sek.cbui94" fore="sek.cbui92"></center>

<br><center><button value="Back" action="bypass -h admin_show_skills" width=40 height=15></center>



3) Now your life is easier.



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3) Now your life is easier.

i like this words :D


Good Job...one thing that which make the life easier xa0ax0ax0 :D

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  • 2 months later...

yes at packs some GM SKILLS like Valakas Fear etc removed ...we must add it alone .... anyway



xxRxx edit ur code and add and MASTER BLESING SKILLS




Yes fogotend some gm skills like valakas fear, curse of Atharas etc.. removed:(

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