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L2Elixir - Items Adena Epics Chars

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Adena -  3.eur = 100kk  Big stock, can do discount if u buy decent amount at once
DC Robe set +6   SOLD
Tallum Heavy set +6   SOLD
x2 Mj light sets +6 SOLD
Regular Sets :  DC Robe / tm robe + heavy / mj light+hvy +robe /nm heavy
Imperial set - SOLD
Draconic Set
Arcana Mace (ACU) SOLD
Heavens Divider (FOCUS)  SOLD
SA 13
S jewels set SOLD
Zaken/ Tezza / AQ / Baium  SOLD ( some are +4 to +6)
Zaken  +6  60eur
Tezza 70eur SOLD

Cardi 79 nobles
Hawk 79 nobles - 1-2 left
Destro 77
Any support 79+ ( WC BD SWS CAT EE PP and more

                         PAYPAL ONLY  + NO RUSSIANS

PM  or join our group .  Discord : undogara#2148  /   https://discord.gg/v3UkXBj

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