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WTS Professional Unban Service - 9 Years of Experience

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Make sure to use the link below so you aren't dealing with a scammer.  



Vouches from Clients:

Wow! Came here expecting to sell some gold for my cousin but stumble across this. Looked through it, and read through the feed backs and thank GOD I did. I was kind of skeptical at first thinking how can this guy unban my account.. you can't do such thing. I thought wrong.. Easy payment, different payment methods as well!

1st Day - Added on Skype, got a response in ~2 minutes or less. Told me to email him which is his preferred contact method. Paid via Amazon Gift card (Lifetime letter). Received 1st letter to send to GM. Got a response back from GM saying they will not unban. Told Seph what GM said and now waiting for response from Seph.

2nd Day - Got another letter back from Seph, went ahead and copy and pasted and sent it to GM. Got another automated response saying they will not respond to anything I say to them and blah blah. Usual automated shit. Sent Seph an email stating what the GM said.

3rd Day- Received another letter from Seph to send to GM. Went ahead and sent the letter to GM and surprisingly, 1 hour later, my account went from Banned to Locked. GM said that they will need proper identification to remove my account from Locked.

Wow. My account is unbanned. Idk what else to review about but this is a LEGIT service. Thank you Seph. You are the man!

Was caught up in Blizzards latest banwave. First response that was suggested worked like a charm.  Only had to open one ticket and got my account reactivated (Blizzard had closed it).  Thanks Seph!

I recently got banned for botting and i didn't want to lose this particular character that bots so i contacted seph. He wrote me out detailed instructions and when to make a ticket with the letter he wrote. I have submitted the letter and the account has been reduced to a 72HR ban. Cheers seph, you're a true hero.

Sephirofl is one of the most amazing individuals I have had the pleasure to meet. I have dealt with him on several occasions and every time has been a great experience. Not only does he provide an amazing and trustworthy service within the gaming community but he takes a great deal of care with everyone he comes in contact with. I recommend everyone who is looking to get their treasured accounts back to take even just 5 minutes and contact Sephirofl. You will not regret it because he will take his already busy schedule and take the time to explain and make you feel at home. 

If you are worried about the cost of his service let me make the decision easier for you.. JUST DO IT! The service pays for itself, think about the amount of time and money you have put into your banned account? I vouch for Sephirofl in the fact he will go to the end of the world to get your account back or will die trying.

10/10 Sephirofl provides the best unbanning service I have ever used. Will use his service forever.

My two cents. 



Cant thank him enuf 300k gold 2 guilds 9 lvl 90's and 3 85 twinks SAVED
omg man this is just joy i feel now :DDDD

my account was banned 22-jan PQR ban wave
there is hope guys

Sephiroth Worked like a charm from banned to 72h, u are the best!

Hi guys,

This account was just created solely to express my gratitude for the tip top services provided by Sephirofl.

I engaged Sephirofl's services when I was banned in Diablo 3 due to Unapproved Third Party Software offenses few days ago. I paid for Premium Lifetime services as I am an impatient person.

Upon making the payment and then follow the instructions provided by Sephirofl, my account was unbanned 26 hours after submitting my first ticket to Blizzard. Much to my surprises, as I don't put high hope in getting back my account. Obviously, he knew what he is doing.

He is worth every cent that he charged as he managed to revive my account that I spent thousands of hours in it. His services are particularly helpful for people like me whereby English isn't my native language and having difficulty drafting a proper appeal mail.

He is responsive to my mails and message in Skype. Sometime he do take longer to reply me. But hey, he do have other clients and RL matters to attend to. As long he delivered what he promised; unbanned services, I am totally cool with it.

I can and will vouch for him anytime. Triple A seller.

Again thanks a lot for your assistances.

A very satisfied client from the Far East

I was banned on WoW due to abuse of economy 2 months ago. I tried appealing the ban back then but blizzard were no cooperating and I gave up on trying to get the account back. I decided to try contacting Sephiroth and try to unlock my account again, and man I made the right decision! I bought the premium lifetime service and was unbanned within 24 hours. The main method of contact was via email which was fine with me. I highly recommend Seph if you have a banned account and need help getting unbanned! Great service!

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