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interlude [L2J] XavaX


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XavaX is meant to be midrate craft/pvp server!


Fresh Start: 16/03/2019



Xavax Rates:

Exp / SP = 70x
Adena = 50x
Drop = 15x
Spoil = 20x
Quest = 8x
Manor = 3x
Raidboss drop = 5x
Grandboss drop = 1x

Xavax Features:

  • Convertible Adena / Seal Stones from your inventory
    • 2x click on Adena to convert 500 000 000 to 1 Gold bar
    • 2x click on Seal Stones to convert them to Ancient Adena
  • Every Epic boss drops some amount of Special / Donate coins
  • Every Raids 71+ / Epic boss drops Champion medals
  • Special reward Chests buyable for Champion medals:
    • Special chest (LS, Bogs, other chests, special coin)
    • A - grade Armor chest - random A grade weapons recipe (Tallum / DC)
    • A - grade Weapon chest - random Interlude weapons recipe
    • S - grade Armor chest - random S grade armor recipe
    • S - grade Weapon chest - random S grade weapons recipe (for most used weps)
  • Special (donate) coins buyable for Olympiad passes / Champion medals
  • 3 special bird Pets - provides you with Malaria, Flu, Cholera buff
  • Vote Mark - 10 % Exp , Adena, Drop rate bonus
  • Golden rebuff Mark - refresh a bufftime of your current buffs
  • Unlimited Mana potion - no more taking care about mana pots
  • Lucker Item - provides you with bonus while crafting / augmenting / enchatning
  • TvT event with 20 Champion medals as a reward (Hwid/Ip protected againts dualboxes)
  • Custom commands:
    • .reportbot (reported players will be listed in Captcha protection system)
    • .buffmenu (you can delete specific buff from currently buffed buffs)
    • .droplist <mobID>

Basic Features:

  • GM-Shop (N - B grade)
    • A/S craftable
    • Basic mats / recipes in shop
    • Mat crafter (requires more mats and adena to craft desired mat)
  • NPC Buffer + VIP Buffer
    • Scheme buffer
    • Bufftime: 2 Hrs (pets 5 min) 
    • Buffslots: 24+4
    • Autolearn skills (except divine inspiration)
  • Spellbook drop deleted
  • NPC Castle manager
  • NPC Weeding manager
  • Subclass free
  • Nobless - Caradine letter 65lvl
    • buyable for Adena and MSS OR Champion medals
  • Low grade keys drops deleted
  • Olympiad 2 weeks period
    • loosers get small reward
    • heroes can buy special rewards
  • Clan warehouse accessible for clan members
    • clan leader can set access via .menu
  • Champion system
    • champion medals tradeable for recipes / special reward chests
  • Buffsell system
  • Increased slots and weightlimit
  • Transformation items (visual effect only)
  • Specific quests boosted:
    • Zero hour (+no prequest needed)
    • TOI
    • Giant cave
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    • Pinned great guide thanks for this @Trance
    • We'll cover more in the next parts of this series. STABILITY/UPTIME - Linux is more reliable. Windows becomes slow over time, it needs to be rebooted more often than Linux. DRIVERS - Windows drivers are mediocre. Your NIC (Network Interface) will even be taken down if some weird thing happens that it doesn't like.   RESOURCES - how resources can be used and modified through the kernel is at a high level. SECURITY - it can be much safer. FIREWALL/NETWORKING - you can block unwanted traffic, allow desired traffic, redirect packets to alternate TCP/UDP ports, redirect packets to alternate IP addresses, protect against Denial of Service attacks. You can't do most of this on Windows.
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