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Hello guys.


Let me introduce you to a server(where I play) based on interlude chronicle.



General characteristics:


Website: http://l2everlife.pl/
Forum: http://www.l2everlife.fora.pl/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2Everlife


Server is hosted by polish admin- Haber.



XP 6
SP 7
Party XP 1.2
Party SP 1.2
Adena 6
Drop 7
Spoil 8
Drop quest 5

Detailed information (copied from website):


     Coin's of Luck is the additional currency in game.
    They can be obtained through Events, Voting and Donation..

    You can stop gain experience. Just use the command in the game .xpoff. To returning gain experience use command .xpon.

    Duration of (Buffs/Dances/Song - 60 minutes) and Class Master to change profession.

    Skills should be obtain by the class trainers.

    Everlife Shop is available where we can buy Soulshots, mana pots and many other interesting things. We'll find Mammon there too :)

    The type can be up to 3 Subclasses.

    Max enchant with regular scrolls and blessed is +16(from 0 to 3 - 100%, from 3-16 -60%) and Crystal Scrolls is available (from 0 to 3 - 100%, from 3 to 16 - 85%).

    Automatic event: TVT(8:00,14:00,19:00,2:00), CTF(21:00) and DM(10:30,23:30).

    The amount of seats in the backpack and werehouse has been increased: 130 for all, 150 for dwarves and 300 for the clan.

    Increase in the number of blacksmith's places for prescription to 300.

    The duration of summoners and cubes changed to 4 hours.

    Weight limit has been significantly increased.

    Rebirth is the ability to get an additional skill for resetting characters from 80 to 40 lv. Skills add about 200 points to the statistics. You can do it 3 times. Skills depend on whether you are a mage or a warrior.
    The first time a warrior gets a passive Mdef and a passive magician Pdef, cost 1000 Col.  
    In the second case the skills are the same but in reverse order. Mages gets Mdef and Pdef warrior, cost 2000 Col.  
    At the third rebirth Patk for the warrior and the matk for the magician, cost 3000 Col.


Dualbox is allowed.

Pictures from the server:












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Server is really amazing,is already open & stable for months,too bad i learnt about it now.Retail Gameplay,Active Staff and events running daily,around 100-+ (150-200) peak times. I see it already runs for 5-6 months,so i trust it, some things to mention for newbies to join.


Weekends Xp/Sp is doubled,olympiad runs almost everyday,and there newbie players and old ones.Great overall community,daily events etc,and great economy system based on cols,medals and adenas,evertyhing is farmable and no op donations. It's really nice (so far) so it worths a try,i ll stick to it for some time as well.. 


I suggest this server to anyone who looks for stable gameplay,and clean c6.

Nice gaming environment,gl for the rest..

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