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  1. best interlude server,growing daily,and has stable community for months.. I like the fact that skills are not auto-learn,u have to go to masters etc. but books no needed.. Recommend it,
  2. The answer seems to be simple. There is not any good server. If you create a good server,players will join to play. How? That's a great admin's job to find out and make it happen i guess. Then it's the advertise,the promotion of server,it must be everywhere and popular long before opening. P.S. : Never call the gameplay balanced (or 99% balance etc.), Never say 'Unique' server. Just saying,everybody opens a server and is an admin just by following a simple shared guide. But it looks like it doesn't work this way,it requires more.
  3. It's very nice,it can be complete if player's skills list shown as well.Nice work.