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VoltageHost Ltd: London Cloud VPS in United Kingdom


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Web Hosting

https://www.voltagehost.co.uk/ Ltd: Web Hosting | London Datacenter | Daily Backups | Cheap and Affordable


VoltageHost Ltd is a Web Hosting Company founded in March 2018 and is proud to be a registered company in England & Wales. With strong connections with various data centres and service providers, VoltageHost aims to give you a great bang for your pound. We provide quality customer service that ensures all your enquiries and problems are dealt with in an orderly manner.


Our Web Hosting plans provide you with the ease of web hosting, without having to worry about managing your server and securing it against attacks. We maintain the server, leaving you with the ability to focus on your website.


Web Hosting Features:

» cPanel

» Multiple PHP Versions

» Free SSL Certificate - Courtesy of Let’s Encrypt

» Regular Backups

» DDoS Protection

» One-click Install Scripts

» Maintained and up to date Firewall




» 5GB HDD Storage

» 500GB Bandwidth

» Unlimited Databases & Mailboxes

» Free Softaculous App Install

£2.50 /month



» 15GB HDD Storage

» 1TB Bandwidth

» Unlimited Databases & Mailboxes

» Free Softaculous App Install

£5.00 /month



» 30GB HDD Storage

» 3TB Bandwidth

» Unlimited Databases & Mailboxes

» Free Softaculous App Install

£7.50 /month


We are proud to offer a range of virtual private servers (VPS). These are offered in Linux, and also Windows (on request at extra cost). We offer basic management with these servers in line with our terms of service, however, an extended support option is available, as well as our VIP Support Package.



» No Overselling - To ensure a reliable service, we don’t oversell any space on our nodes. To enforce this, we have a 75% capacity limit on all VPS nodes.

» Virtualisation Platform - Our virtual private servers are run off KVM technology by standard.

» VPS SSL Certificates - Ensuring the highest level of web security.



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