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interlude [L2J] L2Phoenix


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Website: https://l2phoenix.pro

Grand Opening: 28 December 2018 21:00 GMT+2

EXP/SP: X 250




What awaits you in the beginning

  • All characters start at Giran lvl 52 with some Adena for start items
  • New subclass start 52 lvl
  • Official chance of enchant safe +3 fullbody armor +4
  • Unique protection against hacking your data through a secondary password
  • Life stone skill chance Top-10% High-7% Mid-5% None-1%


Custom Raid Bosses

  • We have 13 custom raid bosses in different locations
  • You can teleport near raid boss from global gatekeeper
  • Raid bosses drop: Epic weapon / armor / shield


Epic Raid Boss

  • Command in game to check status .epic
  • At the start of the server all Epic Bosses will be alive
  • All Epic bosses changed to level 80 respawn 20hours
  • All epic jewelry changed to S grade drop chance 100%


Automatic Events & Rewards

  • LH (Last Hero)
  • DM (Death Match)
  • TvT (Team vs Team)
  • CTF (Capture the Flag)
  • Reward is Event coins, tradable in event shop


Server Commands

  • .menu
  • .epic
  • .premium
  • .clan
  • .acp
  • .relog
  • .goldbar
  • .adena
  • .instancezone
  • More commands you can find in game with command .help


Enchant Chances for Weapon - Armor - Jewelry

  • Normal Scroll of Enchant 80% max enchant +16
  • Blessed Scroll of Enchant 100% max enchant +16
  • Crystal Scroll of Enchant 50% minimum enchant +17 max enchant +20
  • Crystal Scroll of Enchant drop from Epic Raid Bosses
  • Crystal Scroll of Enchant upon fail, the Weapon - Armor - Jewelry keeps its current enchant value



  • Cancel official cast and reuse, remove buffs for 15 seconds, after the buffs return back
  • Flames of Invincibility (Alliance UD) 30 seconds
  • Active Augmentation skills 20 minutes
  • For better balance you can use 1 active skill and 1 passive (retail like)


Subclass - Noblesse

  • Sub class without quest - max 3 subs
  • Minimum level to add subclass 75
  • New subclass level 52
  • Any Subclass manager show all available sub class list
  • Flame Of Splendor Barakiel give you noblesse without quest
  • Conditions for obtaining NOBLESSE - you must be in the party, you must be no more than 1500 distance, you must be on the Subclass at least 76 level
  • Flame Of Splendor Barakiel - respawn time 20 hours +- 30 minutes random
  • Other way to make noblesse status - 20 Donate Coins



  • Hot Springs Buffs Malaria Cholera Flu Rheumatism
  • All buffs, dances, songs, full recovery Mp, Hp, Cp & buffs for pets
  • Number of slots: 36 + 8 Debuff, Duration 2 hours
  • VIP buffs is free for Premium Members
  • Also premium buff is available ffor the players from Vote Shop
  • Easy system to save your own buff profile up to 15 profiles
  • Just apply buffs on you, enter the profile name and save it


Siege and bonus for capturing

  • Aden Castle 1st siege reward 100€
  • Rune Castle 1st siege reward 100€
  • Automatic reward for Goddard & Giran Castle owner in attack 30 Donate coins
  • Automatic reward for Goddard & Giran Castle owner in defence 15 Donate coins
  • More castles with reward will be added later (depending on the online)
  • Remember, this action is not one-time, it will act on every siege !



  • Olympiad games every day 18:00 - 24:00 GMT+3
  • Olympiad 3 vs 3 like high five
  • Weekly hero system
  • Max enchant for all +6
  • Accessories - Talismans with custom stats is not allowed
  • Custom Armor - Weapons is not allowed
  • Olympiad is only with official lineage 2 items


Clan system and bonus

  • Clan will be created 8 level
  • Clan skills learn with Adena
  • Bonus for clan with online members 15+ Full clan skills
  • Bonuses are issued automatically from NPC at Giran Castle Town - Giran harbor without the intervention of the admin


Leave your character online and earn Pc-bang points

Until the opening some changes can be made


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