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classic [L2J] Nation Warriors


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 Lineage 2 Nation Warriors - Classic Server 2.0

XP: 7x | SP: 7x | Adena 5x
DROP: x3 (chance) 
SPOIL: x3 (chance) x1 (amount) 
QUEST: x5 (xp/adena)
Raid Bosses: x1 (chance)

APRIL, 21 

⚙️ Our Links:



☑ Promotion for Clans
• 10 members = 5 acc's (Premium for 10 days) + 300k each player.
• 20 members = 10acc's (Premium for 20 days) + 600k each player
• 30+ members = 15acc's (Premium for 30 days) +1kk each player.
In addition, the clan leader will receive an award of 20, 30 or 40 EUROS in his Master Account.
☑ Promotion for CP's
  • Bring your CP to play in the Nation Warriors, and win up to 3 Premium Accounts for 15 days each, and up to 10 euros per member of your CP.




1*To receive the bonus you need:


1.1 - The Clan Leader or CP Leader must open a ticket in our control panel, with the evidence of the number of his players. (must send photo link, of all members online, in the clan window and in the game);

1.2 - The Leader and only he must open the ticket, along with the evidence must send the login of all accounts that will receive the award.


2*- All members required for counting should be at least level 10.


3*- Abandonment of the game by members of the clan can generate the suspension of the bonus.


4*- If it is CP, the number of Premium Accounts will be defined along with the number of CP members. At least 1 account and at most 3 accounts per CP.




Premium Accounts Bonus


XP: x7 - (+50% Premium ACC)
SP: x7 - (+100% Premium ACC)
ADENA: x5 (amount) (+50% Premium ACC)
DROP: x3 (chance) (+50% Premium ACC)
SPOIL: x3 (chance) x1 (amount) (+50% Premium ACC "chance")
QUEST: x5 (xp/adena)
Raid Bosses: x1 (chance)


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l2 is dead and ppl come up with *classic* version, wich have way more less content that hi5 for example, where u get bored after 2 weeks or at least this is my opinion! 

yes there was fun times back in 2005 but... there was nothing better ...

i guess this days they run out of ideeas on privates to get some players attention.... talk in few months.

if u rly want to have succes add some customization in ur server( my advice )

gl with ur project

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Classic definitely has a potential, but another lowrate? Cmooon maaan :/ The players are screaming for a PvP classic server, but admins keep coming with lowrates, but everyone who's willing to spend 5 hours a day to get 1% is already playing on some other classic lowrate, either EU offic, RU offic, classic.club or whatever. 


I mean good luck with the project neverthless but I'm 100% sure you'd have infinitely more success with more midrate settings (25x rates, NPC buffers etc.)

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  • 2 weeks later...

good design/concept


features are decent , songs 20min / dance 20min / c shop is well done.


keep buffs retail 1h and nerf op PA Account (P2W)


gl and dont become a re-open every month server like some russians

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