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L2OFF Account Panel - No license - Multi functions

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Hi guys,


I would like to present you a new account panel specialy designed for OFF platform.
Compatible with any OFF files and any chronicle.
The ACP requires a special support of the web hosting.

It is available in 3 languages : English/Spanish/Portuguese



Functions :


1) Account registration
2) Change password
3) Recover password
4) Change email
5) Donation system with either Paypal/G2A or PagSeguro + Bank transfer
6) Shop function ( You can sell any item from the game enchanted or not also you can create categories)
7) Remove Karma 
8) Reset PK count
9) Change character nickname
10) Sex/Gender change
11) Change clan name ( Works after a server restart )
12) Top PVP
13) Top PK
14) Top Online
15) Top Level
16) Top Clan
17) Olympiad ranking ( Works in real-time even if olympiad is in progress )
18) Raid status
19) Epic jewelery location/ownership
20) Castle and Siege status/statistics
21) Unstuck character

(All services from 6 to 10 and including work in real-time - Character must not be online for the service or item delivery)



Purchasing the ACP can be done in several options, read bellow :


1) Full version with all features included : 200 USD
2) ACP with donation feature Paypal + Shop feature (no enchanted item) : 100 USD // With Shop feature "Enchanted item" : 120 USD
3) ACP with donation feature PagSeguro + Shop feature (no enchanted item) : 100 USD // With Shop feature "Enchanted item" : 120 USD
4) ACP with donation feature G2A + Shop feature (no enchanted item) : 100 USD // With Shop feature "Enchanted item" : 120 USD


Shop feature "Enchanted items"can be bought separately for : 20 USD
Paypal/G2A/PagSeguro features can be bought separately aswell for : 40 USD each.


Options 2,3 and 4 also includes Donation feature Bank Transfer.


Payment methods accepted is Paysafecard/Paypal/G2A/Skrill/Bank Transfer.


There is no licensing system you will not rely on anyone for the functionality of the ACP except yourself
After purchase you will receive support for setting it up and managing modifications for the ACP.
You will not need to pay any monthly fee. It is a one time payment.


Buyers will also get a decent template with their own text such as : chronicle / server name / own text.


For any potential buyer i can provide a link and access to the panel where it can be seen and tested.


Contact me via private message or skype : nvict_boeing

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