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LF [HELP] Dev Help for private server



Hello Fellow MXC community I am Lookin for someone with knowledge of setting up and private server. From picking the correct pack to setting it up on a host. I would prefer to have some one who can speak good english (as it is the only language i speak) and have a mic to talk... im not expecting anyone to give up their life or free time to help me im only asking for guidance and knowledge how to do it on my own. Im not a kid, I have a wife and kids and a life of my own just like everyone else. I have played around with a few pre-config packs but its been mostly copy and paste things...I would be willing to explain more or talk about what i know and need on skype or chat. If it sounds like something you would be interested in helping with please pm me on skype: Macomb420


Please no rude comments or negativity if its not for you then just move on.

Not looking for ppl who say "i think i can" or "i know a friend"...Knowledge is power

Looking for free helpers ...currently no funds to pay....(wife+3 kids+holidays= no funds atm)

Current setup: Interlude

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aCis got few tutorials to setup your server and learn some basic concepts (Ai, scripts, etc).




Once you "sucked" all that knowledge (like a mosquito sucks blood T_T), you can eventually reach aCis Discord channel (reach Announcements section and you got the link). If the question isn't too stupid or already answered 100 times (it's your work to see if a question has been already answered 100 times or not, SEARCHING before ASKING), people (generally I) are willing to answer.


If you ask something which has been already answered 100 times, you will be beaten to death using spoons.




About aCis itself, it's a 2010 fork, using L2J IL and aiming retail implementation and retail fixes. I'm the project owner, and I can be helped by anyone. It's a freemium concept, all infos are still reachable by Announcements section.


As other main Interlude forks, you got L2JFrozen which developement goes and stops randomly, and aim customs rather than retail fixes. And they are gone full private, so good luck to know what happens now.


Other IL forks aren't valuable, and if you pay someone else than me to get access to aCis files, it's a scam, since I only allow public forks using public revision (which must stay free of charge).

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