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Recipe Creation ?



Hello, I want to ask one question if somebody knows.

Client: Interlude

I want to create recipe for custom item, i want to make super hard pvp server and complicated upgrade system for those who likes challange, actually im not going to start the server on my own, i want just to develop the idea, and then just to give the files away for those who can actually afford to start a server, where do i start? I would probably take items from Lindvior client, they are NOT craftable (I guess) and i want to make them craftable, i want to create new materials for those craft and just make them harder to get beacuse i want to involve more dwarf in the game, just to be ballanced. 

Big thanks for those who read all of this and sorry for my fucked up english, waiting for comments down below. 



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go to database, and open etcitems.You gonna create item there, give item a Name,Id, & Type.

then find the file recipes.xml, open and edit it like,


<item id = \ "example150000 \" name = \ "your lindvior client weapon" \">

<recipe id = \ "example 150001 \" level = \ "2 \" />

<dwarven />

<mpCost> 1000 </ mpCost>

<successRate> 100 </ successRate>

<production id = \ "example22 \" count = \ "1 \" />

<ingredient id = \ "example150002 \" count = \ "1 \" />   = That's the materials you need to craft the item

+ ingredient, you add more materials.


now with file edit fix client-side


 : etcitemgrp.dat wich is responsible for texture of recipe

:  itemname-e.dat and edit names and ids

:  recipe-c.dat  


on recipe-c, where mk = your recipe's name. use _ before name, example : _mk

 id_mk = your id of recipe wich you add at recipe.xml

id_recipe= the id of the recipe you put in databse,etcitems table.

id_item= the item to be created etc.


you will find more lines like that, to add levels,succes_rate , materials etc. edit all these .





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