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Already sold 1 acc full on l2 mid. 

I still have: 

First account: 

  • Main Class: Cardinal (lvl:79)
  • Subclasses: Archmage (lvl: 78), Necromancer (lvl:75), Ghost Sentinel (lvl:77)
  • Noblesse: Yes
  • Buff Book (all buffs/ressists) - Only from donate, can't be traded. 

Second account: 

  • Main Class: Mystic Muse (sps) (lvl:80)
  • Subclasses: Dont remember xD
  • Noblesse: Yes
  • Alliance level: 5 with ketra orcs 

Third account: 

  • Main Class Mystic Muse (sps) (lvl:78)
  • Subclasses: Don't remeber, for sure has summoner as 1 sub for summoning for low etc. 
  • Noblesse: Yes

Spare Items: 

  • Arcana Mace (Acumen)
  • Draconic Bow (x2- no Sa)
  • Tateossian Sets (x3)
  • Dark Crystal Robe Sets (x3)
  • Tallum Robe Set
  • Zombie shield (Donate only)
  • Others: Sin eater, 2 bogs,  strider, eas, 400+ pollen, 200 lucky silver, red soul crystals lvl:12, ma gloves+boots, accesories (hats, etc.)


For prices pm me your offer.  Payment only via paypal! Payment first - accounts/items then. Don't bother if you want items first.

I've sold too many items/chars over the years. Middle man from MXC can be used if needed (buyer pays the fee).

We don't care playing anymore in L2 mid so you have nothing to be afraid of (changing passes via email etc.) 


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