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Hello to all ... how can you get so many 'offenders' to me because I do not understand certain things? And for what? To give some users the chance to offend?
I thought MaxCheaters was something serious. But offend if you do not understand something is the first place. I do not know what the administrator of this site and developers will understand about this. My opinion is that we should talk / write nicer. Because you do not know who you are talking about. Older times, a few years ago, MaxCheaters was much more beautiful. More savvy users ... but time passes.
and anyway, I thank you for my answers and my little misconceptions. Have a beautiful day.

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  • First of all, you are not allowed to have an opinion since you are breaking the rules and as i can see you doing it non-stop even when some ppl told you that many times.
  • Read the rules in the request section of l2j.
  • Do not ask for help for a thing that you can find byurself if you just search it via eclipse, the way you moving-posting makes the ppl 'offenders' because they are tired of your continuous questions. 
  • Asking for help and Asking for ready code is different things my friend. You can request a full code as there exist a section for this reason and have this concept but do not ask what ever is coming to your mind... They will not even answer..

Finally.. can you ffs do not spam in messages & skype?

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