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Hello MxC community,

We are an experienced team willing to provide the best pride-like project.

L2Honor&Pride is a custom pvp server running on Gracia Final client.




= OPENING 14 OCTOBER 2017 18:00 =

= BETA 10 OCTOBER 2017 16:00 =


Basic Features

Starting Level: 80 | Max Level: 95 
Clan Starting Level: 5 | Max Clans per Alliance: 2 

EXP: x9300

Max enchant: +25

Custom pve content

Custom Items

Custom skills




Rebirth system

PvP reward system

Improved support classes

Automated events

and much-much more !!



More details can be found here




Skype (live:l2honorandpride)

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Beta in ON !!

link >> patch

dont hestitate contacting us ingame or on facebook/skype.




-Changed Horror Knight Blue Eva drop quantity (Now drops 200-240 BE X5 Party Members). 
-Changed Cave of Trials after death spawn point to Gludin instead of Orc Village. 
-Removed some useless items from cubic shop - Potion section. 
-Added S grade items without SA at cubic shop as a material for rare weapons 
-Changed Farcaster - Now does not increase range with Seal of Ruler skill.


-Change Password now works on cubic. 
-Increased Assist PvP chance for healers from 24% to 40%. 
-Fixed a major instance bug. Now you can't invite players if you are inside an instance and they are not. 
-Seal of Ruler Casting range is now divided by 3. No more farcaster bug abuses! 
-Fixed some item descriptions (Festival Adenas, Silvers).

Edited by L2Honor&Pride

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XIQMrGo    1
1 hour ago, IPlaySex said:

I will try .. but i mean will be a low community for hard farm.

Well the community doesnt always give a chance on the projects ,and this one seems to be a really promising project with an admin that really puts effort on his work at least thats what i found out and thats why im supporting it

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13 hours ago, XIQMrGo said:

Try it guys,it is a legit pride like server with many things fixed and the epic weapon list is beyond nice


10 hours ago, IPlaySex said:

I will try .. but i mean will be a low community for hard farm.

thank you guys for the kind words.

here is our last beta changelog:

-Changed Anakazel drops: Increased BEAS drop rate, added a generous amount of silver per party member, added Elemental Crystal Pack, removed Life stone. 
-Fixed skill Agression. Expose enchant option now works properly 
-Moved skill Fast Shot (Tricksters) to passives. 
-Decreased S-Rare Weapons/S-80 Rare Weapons prices. They now require 50 S Tokens/70 S80 Tokens respectively. 
-Decreased CTF and TvT running times to 15 from 20. 
-Added visual support on Poisonus Burp (Boss skill). 
-Increased S-Rare/S80-Rare Weapon pack bonus enchant chances.


We are officially ONLINE

you can find our new system here


taking into consideration community's requests we made the farm easier for the starting gear

- lowered by A LOT the price of forgotten scrolls
- lowered the price of attr stones
- lowered the price of dynasty jewel set
- fixed required item for clan skills
- Judgement hound >> added icarus +17, increased  silver ore rate and silver amount
- Archer of Despair >> added dynasty +20, increased  silver ore rate and silver amount
- Glabrezu >> increased blue eva amount, silver ore rate and silver amount
- Doomed Servant >> increased  silver ore rate and silver amount
- auto event reuse time increased

Edited by L2Honor&Pride

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Pamela32    1
On ‎2017‎-‎10‎-‎14 at 3:24 PM, IPlaySex said:

I will try .. but i mean will be a low community for hard farm.

Pride was hard farm that's why was online for many years , go to your pacman servers please.

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xNigga    0

General Fixes

-Titanium Armors/Weapons have their required materials reduced, however they now require Vesper Items as well. 

-Moved skills Transfer Pain, Soul Cry and Soulguard to passives. 

-Added Festival Adena as a drop to Doomed Servant. 

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On 10/17/2017 at 2:55 AM, xNigga said:

nice staff ,helpful  and trying to make best for the server recommended , it needs people tho.

we are glad you like our work and we continue to improve along with your requests.

more changes:

-Vesper Armor price reduced 
-Cemetery Party mobs (Horror Knights, Titanium Dread Knights, etc)  amount of mats for each party member boosted
-Icarus Weapons price -20% and are now available to buy +13 instead of +11
-Moved skill Shield Fortress to passives. 
-Fixed buff Chant of Awakening. Now it properly gives the attack speed bonus
-Giant Undead Evil Fish respawn 30 minute > 10 minutes.
-Kamaloka PvP Requirement to 50 > 20
-DVC PvP Requirement 100 > 50


-Vote Reward System: A reward chest is now given every 5 votes instead of flat silvers
-Changed Skills: Spirit of the Cat, Spirit of the Demon, Spirit of the Unicorn. They now transform you into a damage dealer but decrease your defensive stats
-Dynasty Jewel bonus stats now work correctly when all parts are +17
-Auto skill enchant will no longer work on Top tier summons
-Demon Knights will now drop Titanium ores and Blue eva at 100% chance. Silvers drop removed

Edited by L2Honor&Pride

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      L2 Vikings Mid PvP rates no custom pvp server opens for you on 17 March / 2018. We are waiting for you all. For more information visit features section. Join us and be best of the best P.s Account creation is automatic just enter in game login and password and your account will be created immediately. See you in game ! 
       RATES » Exp x1000.
      » SP x1000.
      » Adena x1000.
      » Party Exp x2.
      » Party Sp x2.
      » Karma drop items x20. ENCHANT RATES » Safe Enchant +3
      » Max Enchant +16
      » Normal Scrolls: 66% (Max +13)
      » Blessed Scrolls: 75% (Max +13)
      » Crystal Scrolls: 90% (Max +16)
      » All A grade Items & below normal scrolls: 80%
      » All A grade Items & below blessed scrolls: 90%
      » All A grade Items & below crystal scrolls: 90% OLYMPIAD » Retail Olympiad game
      » Competition period 1 week
      » Olympiad start time [20:00] and end [00:00], +2 GMT
      » Olympiad start/end times can be found in Olympiad Manager.
      » Max Enchant in Olympiad is +6 GRAND BOSSES » Valakas: Respawn 8h
      » Frintezza: Respawn 8h
      » Antharas: Respawn 8h
      » Baium: Respawn 8h
      » Zaken: respawn 8h
      » Ant Queen: Respawn 8h
      » Core: Respawn 8h
      » Orfen: Respawn 8h
      » Skylancer: Respawn 6h
      » Queen: Respawn 6h
      » Tanos: Respawn 6h
      » Palatanos: Respawn 6h
      » Decarbia: Respawn 6h
      » Ashakiel: Respawn 6h
      » Brakiel: Respawn 6h AUGMENT RATES » Mid-Grade Lifestone: 5%
      » High-Grade Lifestone: 10%
      » Top-Grade Lifestone: 12% EXTRA ITEMS » Noblesse Coin
      » Hero Coin
      » Special Ability Coin
      » Rec Coin
      » Clan Rep. Coin
      » Name Change Coin
      » Fly Dragon SERVER COMMANDS » .online
      » .menu
      » .info
      » .withdraw
      » .deposit
      » .repair
      » .tvtjoin
      » .tvtleave
      » /olympiadstat
      » .vote ADDITIONAL INFORMATION » Main Town - Gludin Village
      » 8 Grabd BOsses & 7 Raid Bosses
      » Unique PvP System
      » Shops till top A grade items
      » Unique Tattoos Mage / Fighter
      » Max count of buffs - 64
      » Max Sub-classes 5
      » Free and without quests class change
      » Free quest subclass
      » No weight limit
      » Password Manager
      » Augmnet System
      » Unique Monsters
      » Interlude retail skills
      » Server uptime 24/7 99%
      » Good server balance between classes
      » Castle siege every SATURDAY and SUNDAY
      » Siege lenght: 2h
      » Clan level for sieging: LEVEL 5+
      » Learn Skills
      » Siege Manager
      » Wedding system
      » Life crystals for clan skills
      » Scheme Buffer
      » Buff duration 1h
      » Announce castle / hero when login
      » Grand bosses / and normal rbs announce
      » Max enchant success announce
      » 20 PvP needed to talk in all chat and trade chat GAMEPLAY INFO » This server is a totally recoded server that changes the way you know l2 so far!!
      » Balanced Skills And Mid Rate Style PvP( NO Star Wars Server ).
      » Its Based At L2vikings Developers + Players Ideas
      » And that's why its unique!
      » Custom Level Zones [3 Zones level 1-30 / 30 -60 /60 -78].
      » Custom Farm Town .(Talking island)
      » Hunter's village is Olympiad zone.
      » Basic items obtained With Adenas but you will 
      » need 3 types of coins for more Merchant Services:
      » Farm Coins: You gather them by farming in our custom zones & Custom RaidBosses.
      » PvP Medals : You gather them when you pvp INSIDE our PvP Areas . 
      » 1 PvP Kill = 1 PvP Medal ( that means 24/24 pvp ).
      » Vote Coins :You gather them by Voting on Hopzone/Topzone/Network.e PVP WEAPONS » You earn them by with pvp medals + 1 SA Weapon 
      » to get SA weapon you have to kill bosses and they have chance to drop .
      » next step is to put SA on it using SA Coin 
      » the other choice is to buy SA Weapon with vote coins
      » PvP weapons Close to retail weapons & we reworked Special Ability's..
      » Killing Spree System you must get 5 kills w/o die & a special announce appears
      » in chat with your name !!.
      » Custom Casino Npc You bet 20 PvP Medals and you can double them or loose them
      » every time a player looses medals there is a jackpot amount increasing
      » and if you lucky you may win the jackpot Hmm i dont wanna give more.   * We have many many other instersting things in our server but lets hide something..
      *Believe me it worths to give a try and play for a bit in this server.   SERVER STATUS LOGIN: ONLINE SERVER: ONLINE LIKE US ON FACEBOOK
    •   Hello, i want to ask, i have web host on https://hostbastic.com/ , and i have issue, i install online script and gameserver online, offline. none works script, what to do i tested on vps host works fine, on free webhost also works fine, please help i try fixs this issue 2days already.. :/
    • i want it to check the drop  and stats from monsters ... what can i do make it to work only at l2monsters ?
    • Before all this / after gm check, under else if it's for player, but I guess it's not the place you are looking for. Most likely you want to make a shift click to check monster stats, drop. If so, then it's wrong place. 
    • on PTS servers you cant see it 
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