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Legendary Eternal Sin [Poll]


Legendary Eternal Sin [Poll]  

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  1. 1. Which one server is like the old eternal sin ingame npc gameplay etc? write me and the reason if you vote. Respect to (es-l2.com)

    • http://es-l2.org/ [Owner-ZOUMHS] (L2Java)
    • http://es-l2.eu/ [Owner-Natzugen] (L2OFF)

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16 hours ago, Natzugen said:

I would like to give you some friendly suggestions ^_^

What you need to do immediately before creating such a poll.

  • Fix your website;
  • Fix your server balance;
  • Change your GM Shop;
  • Add AIO System;
  • Change your whole NPC's (Not that necessary)
  • Open your forum for guests. You are not a TOP Project with 1000+ online.

This is for now. Later i can give you another friendly suggestions.

thanks for our reply but you have try the beta? anyway join us at grand opening and see the balance and all other features. already one clan GR 24 players old es fans they have searching the beta almost 1 month so i have fixed all the reports. now i have to report friendly this one link for you, http://forum.pmfun.com/viewtopic.php?t=70829 you need to search better next time if you want to use the name (eternal sin) have a nice day :) 

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19 minutes ago, Natzugen said:

This is just a hater from your server did the link and wrote such a pointless text:D He just wasted much time ti write something like that:D

I am really happy that there is too much haters of my project. We will see your Grand Opening & Mine :).  Also i recommend you to stop connecting to my server and making there spam of your trash okay? Otherwise you won't start your server. (I am sure you understand what i mean).

I never login in our server im not a kid 20years old, why to login to see what? sorry but if you feel a profasional admin to give a ddos to my server you are already fail as owner. its not a problem for me i can make a delay and i will write in forum the reason why,  ddos and out website and i can open it like octomber, november december what ever, anyway good luck. 

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    • INFORMATIONS Website https://www.l2quickhero.com/ L2QuickHero - Lineage 2 QuickHero Interlude.   Chronicle Interlude Rates All x1000 (PVP) Main town Giran Starting/Subclass level: 80 NPC: Global Gateekeper GMSHOP (free B-Grade items) Buffer (fast buffer and scheme buffer) Skill Enchanter (All Classes) Subclass Manager (All Classes) Augment Manager Siege Manager Event Manager Custom Shop: Armors: Apella Armors, 0% 50% 100% (100% balanced) Weapons: S-Grade Weapons, LvL 1 Quick Weapons LvL 2 Blood Weapon (100% balanced) Accessories: Some +HP +RunSpeed ^ +300 m.def/p.def Jewl Nacklace Of Brakki following effects: MP +42 and +60% resistance to most of the debuffs. Necklace Of Hekaton following effects: MP +42 and +15% CP Necklace Of Naga following effects: MP +42 and +15% HP. Earring Of Garacsia following effects: MP +31, +10% bow resistance and +15 speed. Earring Of Ipos following effects: MP +31, +10% dagger resistance and +15 speed. Earring Of Kandra following effects: MP +31, +20% wind resistance and +15 speed. Earring Of Von Helman following effects: MP +31, +20% dark resistance and +15 speed. Earring Of Vermilion following effects: MP +31, +20% fire resistance and +15 speed. Earring Of Falston following effects: MP +31, +20% water resistance and +15 speed. Ring Of Horuth following effects: MP +21 and +10% P.Def. Ring Of Mos following effects: MP +21 and +10% M.Def. Ring Of Shadith following effects: MP +21 and 500% faster Hp regen. Ring Of Tayr following effects: MP +21 and +100 bow range. Buffer: Buffs Slots: 63 Buffs,+Vote Buff All buffs in NPC Buffer and Scheme System Enchant: Safe: +4 Max: +20 More Info Here Copy and paste in your browser to download >> https://mega.nz/file/LTpwXBTR#ukSoDW4ikjFRzttiA1Lb1UBwLjc7XcPC3sM2x6MPthA Normal Enchant: Max +16. Fail = You get Crystals Blessed Enchant: Max +16 From 16 To 20 With Cristal. Never fail Cristal Scroll: 0-20 +20 Fail? Keep current enchant level. Augment System: Top Grade Life Stone: 5% Chance High Grade Life Stone: 3% Chance Mid Grade Life Stone: 1% Chance Max 1 Active + 1 Passive skill Economy: Apella/Armors and Weapons obtainable by killing Raid Bosses. ALL ITEMS ARE FARMABLE !!. Castle Sieges: Castles:All Castles Siege Period: Every 5-6 days Siege Duration: 120 minutes duration Only registered clans can join the siege Olympiad: Period: 3-4 days Time: 18h to 24h GMT +1 Items: Grade A / No Custom Enchant: +20 Minimum 9 Matches(with at least 1 Win)to be Hero. Raid Drops 76+: RESPAWN 1H X1 Weapon Blood (Random 3%) X1 Blood Armor (Random 3%) X1 Jewl 3% X1 Clan Rep Random Epic Boss Drops 76+: X2 Blood Weapon (Random 100%) X2 Apella Armor (Random 100%) X2 Blood Armor (Random 100%) X1 Clan Rep Random Epic Boss: Queen Ant: Resp 128h Zaken: Resp 128h Baium: Resp 128h Antharas: Resp 128h Valakas: Resp 128h Events: Party Farm Tournament Other: Stable Platform Interlude retail skills Auto Learn Skills Auto pick up Drop Max 3 subclasses Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10% Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90% Geodata and Pathnode Offline Shop System Vote Reward System
    • agree one of the best servers 🙂
    • Great team, with an amazing project. Wish you all the best !
    • guys as i testing one acis pack rev 382 i saw that .gotolove command didnt exist. can someone please give a solution
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