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Help Lineage 1 Launcher

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I have spent days on this forums, and others trying to find my answer but I can not find my answer.  So, now I am putting up a thread to see if I can get some directions or pointers that will direct me the right directions.  


I am working on development of Lineage 1 server, the version is same as one is out in Korea atm.  I am looking for a game launcher for Lineage1, I thought that maybe since L2 also is coded in Java, and they used to use .bin file to launch there game some of the one l2 launchers may work.  I tried that, but I do not know it failed and I just keep getting all sorts of errors.  


BTW I am not a coding and just doing this to learn, no intention to make it a real private server or anything, as the I do not have the time management for that. 


Since all my options for creating a game launcher failed, I went on to look for dissembling the original .exe file and perhaps I could change the ip address of the launcher to match my needs.  Well, I found the ip address on the launchers, and matter of fact there was so many of them.  I tried to changed the ip address using CFF explorer, but the address didn't change.  Then I tired to open it up with IDA PRO, and tired to change it in there.  Also got an error, I believe it write error.


So, now I am need of help on how to make the game launch with a good launcher.  I do not need someone to make a guide for me, as I am capable of searching and trying things on my own.  Just some pointer or what I should be doing would be grateful.


Thank you for reading my concerns.

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∽Ave∽    0

You can use the *.bin file to launch the game or You can create Your own *.exe - same thing. You can put the ip adress inside launcher - if You have source code. If You don't then You have to stick with *.bin/*.exe.
If You want, I can do that for You. PM me on Skype: mrave20

Take care

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