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Yul Trickster 102 Ramona

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 WTS DE Yul Trickster 102 lvl ,101 dual wynn


+8 Eternal leather Set ( BP,LEGGIND,GLOVE are PVP)

 +10 Magic Reflect shirt,+10 Shiny Elemental shirt,+7 maphr shirt
 Hunter Talisman,Venir talisman lvl 10
Talisman Longing
Blessed Zaken Earring,Frintezza Soul neck,Soul Queen Ant,Tauti Ring
Commando Belt
 La Vie En Magnificient brooch( 6 slot) Enhanced
Ruby , Obsidian , Pearl , Diamond , Tanzanite lvl 4 / Amethyst,Red Cats Eye, Cats Eye lvl 3 jewels
 Emerald,Opal lvl 3
 2x Lvl 5 Ancient  Dex dye +5
Lvl 5 Giant STR dye +5
skills enchanted arround +10 , PINPOINT +16,Quickshot +14
Exalted lvl 3 almost done (last siege left)
Offer me by PM
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