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classic [L2J] L2Ruby


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 L2 Ruby - International PvP server


DDOS protected

Server Features:



XP x2000

SP x2000

Custom adena rate


safe +6 max +25

+6 - +18:

normal scrolls 70% chance

blessed scrolls 100% chance

+18 - +25:

crystal scrolls 100% chance


high grade life stone 10% skill chance

top grade life stone 15% skill chance


Unique features

Custom npcs

Custom leveling and farm zones

Custom enchant colors that you can also disable

Automated events every hour

Custom farm zone with a custom made town

All subclasses available at any master

Max buff amount 40

Max subclasses amount 4

Balanced classes

Offline store available


Custom Items

Custom dynasty gear. To keep Interlude balance dynasty gear statwise is equivalent to

draconic/imperial crusader/dark crystal with 20% increased stats but with the cool dynasty looks.

Custom currency

Noblesse by double clicking the letter



Classic olympiad

Heros every 2 weeks

Olympiad time 18:00 - 00:00



All castles and fortresses available by normal siege

All clan halls obtained from auctions



About the server development

The development of the server started back in 2015 but because of problems within the development team,

the team broke up and the server was never released. But now we are back in business with a burning desire

to make this release happen. Hundreds of hours spent on developing the server. Try it our it will be worth your time.


Our site: http://l2ruby.com/


From our custom zones:





Main town:


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