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[04/08 21:35:42] MultisellData: Cannot find list ID: 10058 requested by player:
L2PcInstance:Admin[268481726], NPC ID: 10002!
how i can edit xml? i edit like that 
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>

<!-- H5 weapons -->
<!-- © 2011 by 007Florin -->

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<list xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../xsd/multisell.xsd">
		<npc>31228</npc> <!-- Roy the Cat (Event Manager) -->
  <!-- Hellblade -->
  <item id="1">
    <production id="21919" count="1"/>

  <!-- Hellblade - Haste -->
  <item id="2">
    <production id="21920" count="1"/>

  <!-- Hellblade - Health -->
  <item id="3">
    <production id="21921" count="1"/>

  <!-- Hellblade - Focus -->
  <item id="4">
    <production id="21922" count="1"/>

  <!-- Hellblade - Lightning -->
  <item id="5">
    <production id="21927" count="1"/>

  <!-- Hellblade - Lightning - Haste -->
  <item id="6">
    <production id="21928" count="1"/>

  <!-- Hellblade - Lightning - Health -->
  <item id="7">
    <production id="21929" count="1"/>

  <!-- Hellblade - Lightning - Focus -->
  <item id="8">
    <production id="21930" count="1"/>

  <!-- Butcher Blades -->
  <item id="9">
    <production id="21935" count="1"/>

  <!-- Butcher Blades - Confusion --> 
  <item id="10">
    <production id="21937" count="1"/>

  <!-- Claw of Destruction -->
  <item id="11">
    <production id="21939" count="1"/>

  <!-- Claw of Destruction - HP Drain -->
  <item id="12">
    <production id="21940" count="1"/>

  <!-- Claw of Destruction - Health -->
  <item id="13">
    <production id="21941" count="1"/>

  <!-- Claw of Destruction - HP Regeneration -->
  <item id="14">
    <production id="21942" count="1"/>

  <!-- Claw of Destruction - Landslide -->
  <item id="15">
    <production id="21947" count="1"/>

  <!-- Claw of Destruction - Landslide - HP Drain -->
  <item id="16">
    <production id="21948" count="1"/>

  <!-- Claw of Destruction - Landslide - Health -->
  <item id="17">
    <production id="21949" count="1"/>

  <!-- Claw of Destruction - Landslide - HP Regeneration -->
  <item id="18">
    <production id="21950" count="1"/>

  <!-- Blades of Delusion -->
  <item id="19">
    <production id="21955" count="1"/>

  <!-- Blades of Delusion - Earth -->
  <item id="20">
    <production id="21957" count="1"/>

  <!-- Blood Brother -->
  <item id="21">
    <production id="21959" count="1"/>

  <!-- Blood Brother - Focus -->
  <item id="22">
    <production id="21960" count="1"/>

  <!-- Blood Brother - Health -->
  <item id="23">
    <production id="21961" count="1"/>

  <!-- Blood Brother - Light -->
  <item id="24">
    <production id="21962" count="1"/>

  <!-- Blood Brother - Great Gale -->
  <item id="25">
    <production id="21966" count="1"/>

  <!-- Blood Brother - Great Gale - Focus -->
  <item id="26">
    <production id="21967" count="1"/>

  <!-- Blood Brother - Great Gale - Health -->
  <item id="27">
    <production id="21968" count="1"/>

  <!-- Blood Brother - Great Gale - Light -->
  <item id="28">
    <production id="21969" count="1"/>

  <!-- Mardil's Fan -->
  <item id="29">
    <production id="21973" count="1"/>

  <!-- Mardil's Fan - M. Atk. -->
  <item id="30">
    <production id="21974" count="1"/>

  <!-- Mardil's Fan - Magic Silence -->
  <item id="31">
    <production id="21975" count="1"/>

  <!-- Mardil's Fan - Acumen -->
  <item id="32">
    <production id="21976" count="1"/>

  <!-- Mardil's Fan - Holy Spirit -->
  <item id="33">
    <production id="21977" count="1"/>

  <!-- Mardil's Fan - Holy Spirit - M. Atk. -->
  <item id="35">
    <production id="21978" count="1"/>

  <!-- Mardil's Fan - Holy Spirit - Magic Silence -->
  <item id="36">
    <production id="21979" count="1"/>

  <!-- Mardil's Fan - Holy Spirit - Acumen -->
  <item id="37">
    <production id="21980" count="1"/>


what is wrong?


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