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Wynn 101/sigel 100 On Ramona

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Wynn elemental 101, freezing invoke+elemental call learnt
skills slightly enchanted
tank DA 100 skills slightly enchanted

noblesse+exalted lvl3, full sub skills
pvp def belt from oly
shiny elemental shirt +10
exalted cloak
exalted tiara
talismans: annhilation+hunter+venir lv7 (+3 str bracelet)
helios retributer+3 300
eternal robe set 1236 attribute +3/3/3/5/6

requiem avenger 2xHealth SA
Eternal heavy set +6 3x120 attribute
zaken earring +4
COC stun earring +3
freya necklace +5
dynasty ring x2
brooch 5slot with: opal 4, ruby 4, diamond 4, emerald 4, garnet 4, vital 4, obisidian 3, tanzanite 3, sapphire 3, pearl 3





contact me on skype: sodden93

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