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Doomcryer: Road To A Hero's Glory [Il]

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sup playaz?.Since i found some free time,and since it's 2k17 and people still discrase my favourite class of all time and loose hero status to newbies it's time to guide you through the road of perfection on how to manage and play doomcryer class in olympiad.I go mad when i see some people losing hero status to easily or fighting with wrong equipment etc,and then cry and complain on why they lost.Guide comes out from my own gaming experience,and it took me some time to write coz i was boring lol.I will start with c6 Client,even i am not play it too much lately,i will release a H5 guide one in future,as soon as i can.I will analyze what you must do or not to do against the strongest opponents and every class in order to have a win.I first choose c6 because dc is on of the greatest classes for olympiad in this client and i can't think of people who yet finish an olympiad period with 10-20 points or less,while every doomcryer should be high ranked.


                                                  Road to become a hero and receive hero's glory!

Part 1) Equipment                       

You'll need the Following Equipment (Armor Sets,Jewelery Sets,Weapons,Augmentations,Dyes/Symbols combo)

Armor Sets List that your character MUST Have.

Major Arcana Robe (try for +6 set or more enchanted,if you play on a pvp server go full enchant)

Tallum Robe Set (try for +6 set or more enchanted,if you play on a pvp server go full enchant)

Dragonic Leather Armor Set (try for +6 set or more enchanted,if you play on a pvp server go full enchant)

Imperial Crusader Set (try for +6 set or more enchanted,if you play on a pvp server go full enchant)

Jewelery Sets List that your character MUST Have.

Epics: Valakas Necklase,Earring of Antharas,Earring of Zaken,Ring of Baium,Ring Of Queen Ant.

If you don't have epics: Tateossian Set Jewelery (S grade)

Note: You may need Frintezza also,against soultaker class for more dark resist.

Weapons List that your character MUST Have.

Arcana Mace(S): Special Ability: Acumen (the more enchanted the better,full enchanted for pvp servers)

Dragonic Bow(S): Special Ability: Focus (the more enchanted the better,full enchanted for pvp servers)

Bassalt Battlehammer(S): Special Ability: Health(the more enchanted the better,full enchanted for pvp servers)

Angel Slayer(S): Special Ability: Haste(the more enchanted the better,full enchanted for pvp servers)

Staff of Evil Spirits( B ) -Special Ability:  Blessed Body Buff

Spell Breaker( B )- Special Ability: Mentla Shield Buff/Or any other Menta Shield sa weapon.

Some other Random Weapons For Augment Skills.


Must Have Augmentation Skills on your character's weapons

1)Shield: Active Buff on any weapon or Passive on your Angel Slayer Dagger

2)M.Barrier: Active Buff on any weapon or Passive on your Dragonic Bow/Arcana Mace.

3)Empower:Active Buff on any weapon or Passive on your Arcana Mace.

4)Mana-Burn:On your Arcana Mace.

5)Battle Roar: On your Bassalt BattleHammer

6)Duel Might: Active Buff on any weapon or Passive on your Angel Slayer/Dragonic Bow

7)Active Celestial Shield:On any weapon.


Dyes Combination

1st Combo: Dex+4-Con-4, Str+2-Con-2, Wit+4-Men-4

2nd Combo: Dex+4-Str-4, Con+4-Str-4, Wit+4-Men-4

3d Combo: Dex+3-Con-3, Str+2-Con-2

(Depend on what class go against and the server you play)


Part2) Macros & Quick Fingering/Mousing.

You need to create some macros for fast armors/weapons/augmentations switches,and play quick.

Macros will help you make quick switches between your equipment/augmentations/buffs and weapons,i think everyone knows this.Create armor sets macros and weapons macros and press them carefully to switch when you need too.Switching items/augs/weapons is a big thing in olympiad maches and if a mistake goes wrong you'll lose the match.Keep your mind clear,be carefull,be quick with your fingers/mouse and press the correct macro switch at the correct time.Try use different macros for every set and weapons and augmentations and name them to be easier for use.Be clear Minded and Use the correct Macros when it matters most,be quick and with a clear mind,press the right macro to avoid any switch mistake.


Part 3)Opponents

In order to play this class well you must have read the other classes,advantages and disadvantages.I will make 3 categories of opponents and how to play against them,tho you may lose some matches agaisnt some specific classes but you have high chances of getting a win against EVERY-Class.I will seperate opponents through 3 level categories.


Category No1)Level Weak: Archmage,Mystic Muse,Storm Screamer,Soultaker,Shilien Templar,Spectral Dancer,Maestro,Fortune Seeker,Wind Rider,Adventurer,Ghost Hunter,Moonlight Sentinel,Saggitarius,Ghost Sentinel,HellKnight,Swordmuse


Against Archmage,Mystic Muse,Storm Screamer,Soultaker,Shillien Saints:

   Full Self Buffs+Weapon's Blessed Body+Weapon's Mental Shield,Chant Of Magnus,Tallum Robe(for m.def) or M.A Robe(for more m.atk).+Augment M.Barrier or Empower.Use Arcane Wisdom for full match.Freezing Flames(if fail use again),Stun with your am if you are near them,and go full drain all the time(on soultaker kill the pet first and use tezza neck,for more dark resist).

If you get silenced equip dagger and use auto-attack.Those classes have low p.def and you'll kill em easy with dagger since you're almost full buffed.Against S.Saint use tallum robe+m.bar aug and a bow and just attack him/drain when hp goes low.

Against Shilien Templar,Spectral Dancer,Maestro,Fortune Seeker,HellKnight,Sword Muse:

   Full Self Buffs+Blessed the body+Mental Shield+Cov+War Chant.Augment Shield Or Dm. Use dagger for auto attack,if your hp goes low then switch to robe and am and just use drain.Same for hellknight,just kill his pet and if he uses ud go away and sit until its gone.If tanks use ud go away and sit or use chant of life if need for hp regen.

Against Wind Rider,Adventurer,Ghost Hunter,Moonlight Sentinel,Saggitarius,Ghost Sentinel:

   Full Self Buffs+Blessed Body+Mental Shield+Cov+Earth Chant.Augment Shield or Empower.Major Arcana Robe+ AM,use freezing flames and drain till death.If they make you high damage switch to Iq set,use dagger autoattack and switch to am for stun,and drain against daggers if your hp drops a lot,use iq set and drain with am against archer classes.

Easy wins :D


Category No2) Level Hard: Arcana Lord,Elemental Summoner,Phantom Summoner,Cardinal,Dominator,Dreadnought,Titan,Duelist,Grand Khavatari


Against Arcana Lord,Elemental Summoner,Phantom Summoner

   Full Self Buff+Blessed Body+Mental Shield+Earth Chant+Cov.Augments DM/Shield.IC Set with bow,hit continusly the character,when he runs away to heal equip dagger and hit pet,then again hit char with bow and then again pet with dagger.If hp goes low switch to am and drain char/pet.Use chant of life when you find room for hp regen.His mp will finish fast and you'll kill him easily,or you can kill his pet first with dagger and kill char after.Do the same for all of the above classes.Use Celestial augment If needed.

Against Cardinal,Dominator

   Cardinal: Full Buffs+Blessed Body+Mental Shield+Magnus. Augment DM(bow) and Mana Burn(AM) and Empo(Am).Use Tallum robe armor,hit with bow and mana burn him until he tries to heal hisself.Switch to MA for mana burn then tallum and bow again.Use Cele if needed.Hit continiusly until his mp go down and kill cardinal.

   Dominator:Full Buffs+Blessed Body+Mental Shield+Magnus+War Chant.Augment Dm/Shield on dagger haste, or Bow with dm.Use soul guard and attack him,switch to ma and am and mana burn him and switch again iq dagger/bow and hit as much as you can with attack.When your mp goes like 40-30% use chant of life,chant of earth buff and cov buff.Use bow until you get near and when near switch to bassaltbattlehammer,use b.roar for heal,then dagger and hit until you kill.You can use celestial shield if it will be needed.

Against Dreadnought,Titan,Duelist,Grand Khavatari

   Dreadnought:Full Buffs+Blessed Body+Mental Shield+Cov+Earth Chant.Augment Dm/Shield,Dagger weapon,attack him manually,when hp goes down switch to MA and arcana mace and drain.

   Titan:Now for Titan,If he goes pre-frenzy,Full Buffs+Blessed Body+Mental Shield+Earth Chant+Magnus.IC set and Bow(shield or Dm) and RUN through the stadium until his frenzy go away.Then equip am acu,use COV and go head to head attack,or play hit 'n run with your bow.If hp goes low use Am and drain.

    Duelist:Full Buffs+Blessed Body+Mental Shield+Earth Chant+Cov.Augment Dm/Shield,Bassalt Battlehammer,attack him manually,when your hp drops and comes equal to normal(from health sa of the blunt),use dagger and keep attacking.If he use cele use chant of life and run for like 5-6sec.Then attack him again with dagger,if hp goes low use Am and drain.

    GrandKhavatari: Full Buffs+Blessed Body+Mental Shield+Cov+Earth Chant,use IC Set and a bow and play hit 'n run.When his hp goes lower go near to him,and equip dagger right before he use zealot,and autoattack him,if he use cele run for 5-6 sec go away and drain with Am.Use aug Cele If need.


Category No3) Level Unreal: Hierophant,Eva's Saint,Phoenix Knight,Eva'sTemplar


   Hierophant: Now this is an unreal opponenet for our class.Full Buffs+Blessed Body+Mental Shield+War Chant+Cov.IC Set,Bow(with m.barrier) or dagger,and keep hit him,when your mp goes like 30% use Augment shield and chant of life.While fighting try switch to am ana mana burn him as much as you can with your augmented am.Then just attack,and wish to be lucky to get criticals etc to make him heal his self all time.Use walk action instead of run.You can win a prophet if he use wrong equipment etc.But he'll mostly win you.That's the hardest opponent for our class :D .

   Eva's Saint: Full Buffs+blessed Body+Mental Shield+Cov+War Chant. Tallum Robe and Bow(M.Barrier/Dm) and just hit him.Switch to blunt/am and use stun/mana burn as much if you are near him.Wish for criticals with your bow,if you manage a lot of criticals and you make him heal all time hisself before he burns your mp you'll win.

   PhoenixKnights/Eva'sTemplars: These also are pain in the ass bcoz matches last like 10 minutes lol. Full Buffs+Blessed Body+Mental Shield+War Chant+Cov.IC set and dagger(dm).Go head to head attack.If he equip bow and start run,JUST KEEP ATTACKING WITH the dagger.If they use ud go away and use chant of life and sit.You have chances to win or lose,all depends to damage. If you play right he won't kill you even with TOL and Icon. Use same strategy for Eva Templar too. Never use bow,just attack with dagger for whole match.If you got lucky for crts then you'll win by damage.

Use Celestial Shield Aug when the correct Time Is against Unreal opponents,don't waste it,be carefull.


Important Notes:


Note: I didn't post how to beat the same class,it's secret :D

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Very very interesting guide.However people dont only disgrace your class but also mine faboure phoenix knoght.I see naabs always losing and servers making them not to use bow lol

thanks you.this thing that make classes disabled from bow is just crap,i know very pro hierophants losing hero because they cant wear bow or smth in oly.never play such servers with weapons restrictions tho,i can pwn all normally in oly :P

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thanks you.this thing that make classes disabled from bow is just crap,i know very pro hierophants losing hero because they cant wear bow or smth in oly.never play such servers with weapons restrictions tho,i can pwn all normally in oly :P

Well you should try me in a server. Tol and bow and down :d

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