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L2Nereus Stuff welcomes all the High Five Community on a long-term journey full of surprises!
We guarantee a successful start with massive amount of players and dedicated administration team!



Open Beta
February 11, 20:00 GMT + 2

Grand Opening
February 17, 20:00 GMT + 2

Basic Features

The main project rates
Exp: x24
SP: x24
Adena: x15
Drop: Chance x5; Ammount x1
Spoil: Chance x1; Ammount x5
Quest Reward: x3
Quest Items: x2
Epaulettes: x5
RaidBoss: x2

 Unique Powerful Community Board with everything inside.
- All High Five features are working.
- All bosses/instances tested and working retail-like.
- All quests tested and working retail-like.
- Classes have been balanced and will be balanced if its required .
- Champion Mobs with several varieties.
- Scheme Buffer: PP,SE,EE,WH,WC,OL,BD,SWS. Buff time: 2 hours.
- Item Auction: Put your items for auction to be bid and bought by other players.
- Powerful ranking System. If you are best at something the others will see it.
- Event Engine: Grand Events - CTF,TVT,KOTH,NCTF. : Mini Events - Bombers, Elimination, Zombie, Flipper.

- GM Shop up to low S-grade.
- Max subclasses: 3
- Subclass without Quest.
- Max subclass level: 85
- Auto learn skills.
- Olympiad every 2 weeks.
- Sieges every 2 weeks.
- TW every 2 weeks.
- Max Buffs/Dances: 28+4/18
- Added another 31 custom clanhalls.
- Anti-Bot protection.
- Anti-DDOS protection.
- Proffesional team capable to solve any problem.
... and many more custom features awaiting you ingame.

Voiced Commands

.findparty - Easy find of party for farm/exp.
.report - Command made so players can report abusers,exploiters and etc.
.offline - Set your shop in offline mode.
.security - Protection for your character.
.clan - Clan leader allow selected players to withdraw items from clan warehouse.
.whoami - Detailed information about your character.
.online - Shows online players
.openatod - Used to open large number of ATODs
.npcspawn - Manages the spawned NPCs into your clanhall.
.getreward - Get your vote reward.
.ping - Check your latency to the server
.offline - Sets your shop to offline mode.
.siege/castle - Siege information.
.cfg - Character configuration panel.
.changepassword - Changes your account's password.
.repair - Repairs a character that is stucked on loading screen.
Many others are available, just check the help section of the community board.


Enchant: Safe Enchant: 3
Max. Enchant: 16
Normal Scroll chance: 60%
Blessed Scroll chance: 85%
Elemental Max. Level: Level 7 Elemental Stone chance: 40%











We Wait all at February 11, 20:00 GMT + 2 in beta opening And February 17, 20:00 GMT + 2 on Grand Opening..


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