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Port Forwarding



I'm trying to host my server so my friends can connect.
I followed steps, so i need to open few ports.
I tried to open ports 7777 and 9014. So i did next.

Port Forwarded ports in my router: http://prnt.sc/e3na57

Enabled ports in firewall: http://prntscr.com/e3nb40

After that i used a port check web site and its still closed as you can see: http://prnt.sc/e3nbil


Here is my ipconfig dialog: http://prnt.sc/e3nbqq


If someone can give me an advice i would appriciate it alot.Thanks!

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Try my strategy ^_^
go to cmd and write ipconfig and remember you ipv4 address for example then go to you router and find DMZ config. then enter you ipv4 address to dmz and reboot you router. thats all all ports has been opened

try start server and check ports. sorry for my very bad english. I hope you understand it ^_^

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