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Help Problem With Teleportdata



Hello everyone, sorry i dont speak in russian language, just english ..
I have one problem with my teleporter, he dont teleport when i press on button e.x. Aden Town, press and no effect..
Now i show my files, that's original ..


HTML line:

<button value="Giran Town" action="bypass -h player_teleport?name=giran" width=75 height=21 back="L2UI_ch3.Btn1_normalOn" fore="L2UI_ch3.Btn1_normal">

TeleportData.txt from script folder:

begin   name=giran   price=0   x_loc=185317   y_loc=20041   z_loc=-3264   min_level=1   max_level=80   required_item_id=57   required_item_count=5 end

npcdata.txt from scripts folder:

npc_begin   citizen   35709   [teleport_npc]   level=75   acquire_exp_rate=0   acquire_sp=0   unsowing=1   clan={}   ignore_clan_list={}   clan_help_range=300   slot_chest=[]   slot_rhand=[]   slot_lhand=[]   shield_defense_rate=0   shield_defense=0   skill_list={@s_race_humans;@s_full_magic_defence}   npc_ai={[teleport_npc];{[fnHi]=[teleport_npc_001.htm]};{[MoveAroundSocial]=0};{[MoveAroundSocial1]=120};{[MoveAroundSocial2]=120}}   category={}   race=human   sex=male   undying=1   can_be_attacked=0   corpse_time=7   no_sleep_mode=0   agro_range=0   ground_high={120;0;0}   ground_low={1;0;0}   exp=804225365   org_hp=2676.65854   org_hp_regen=8.5   org_mp=1507.8   org_mp_regen=3   collision_radius={14;14}   collision_height={40;40}   str=40   int=21   dex=30   wit=20   con=43   men=20   base_attack_type=fist   base_attack_range=40   base_damage_range={0;0;80;120}   base_rand_dam=30   base_physical_attack=794.70901   base_critical=4   physical_hit_modify=5   base_attack_speed=253   base_reuse_delay=0   base_magic_attack=542.68324   base_defend=319.24623   base_magic_defend=233.61053   physical_avoid_modify=0   soulshot_count=0   spiritshot_count=0   hit_time_factor=0.6   item_make_list={}   corpse_make_list={}   additional_make_list={}   additional_make_multi_list={}   hp_increase=0   mp_increase=0   safe_height=100   npc_end

And ai.obj, i think there and is a problem .

class 1 teleport_npc : citizen
handler 3 14   //  TALKED

   push_event   //  myself
   push_const 704
   push_event   //  talker
   push_const 40
S881.   "teleport_npc_001.htm"
   push_string S881
   func_call 184680516   //  func[ShowPage]
   shift_sp -2
   shift_sp -1


All required items which need to teleport i have in inventory. :)


Thanks for your answers.

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Need decompiler the ai.obj  is add a function is simple.

Use as base in server files "Pre configured  c4" have gk 100% work 

Good  luck.

Panel from xel for decompiler.

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I know this codes, but i can't make a nice html, and teleport by one click. e.x. LvL Up zone u press and going teleport. But now u press and u going in other window to select your teleport location ...

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