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Pack C4 Custom

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Fix Mana potion Cutting action
Fix Focus shinning _bow
Fix Html npc buffer fore Fixada and black
Fix CP Potion delay
Fix Quick healing delay
Fix Zaken %Stun
Fix Antharas %Stun
Fix Titanium no drop
Fix weight all class pasive
Fix Quest sub 100%
Fix Dusk Sword Grad S
Fix Duration time -rand (1000) + rand(150)/100 != 0 Item Mulruk Succubus
Fix Sleep delay
Fix Quest nobless 100%
Fix Spawn barakiel 4hor
Fix Judge of Splendor -rand (1000) + rand(210)/200 != 0
Fix Blessed Clan Hoause Time 0.2
Fix Blessed Castle Time 0.2
Fix Greater Healing Potion 100% Regeneration
Fix Zaken saints necropolis
Fix debuff, buffer character with party
Many do not remember anymore


% high Tested


Nobless 100%
Sub 100%
Baium 100%
Valakas 100%
Antharas 100%
Pet 100%


60% Script 

OfflineShop -> comando .offline no free  Credits devmp
Auto pick up Credits  Estregoik
Announce Raid boss Down
Announce PvP
Announce Pk
Slot Buffer +22
Announce login hero
Announce Nobless
Announce Exit Player
GlobalShout Credits unknow
Tutorial guide login

  I do not know, my extender  no have 
Sets passive skill
any fixes
Buffer Item
Dusk Shield
Weapons Epic


Buffer html fix return 2 Hor buffer
GK Global 
Mob Dual aiox
Gate Class


All raid boss coin
Event medal
Spawn npc
All town 
 Event custom raid boss teleport giram, is not 100% 
% Cleaning
Bugs Report
Raid boss = Locks 2 second 
Geodata-nextDev no 100%
Skill Fades away restart cached

 Duration spent to do

1 year 6 months 6 hours per day

Start in windows server 2003,2008 or 7
No have backdoor
Download Servidor 
Donator $ Paypal for pm email 
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Thank you so much, man, I've been looking for something for a long time. You rock! 8)  8)  8)




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Just downloaded to test, but its really a simple extender, dont have any kind of protection, just some addons, it's just for a test server, you cant use it on a live server(production)..


also patch has some virus.



But anyway..tks for share!



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  • Naelson changed the title to Pack C4 Custom

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    • First of all you need to understand that there is no ultimate guide "how to", server sources has some similar things but it also has some differences that you will be hard to adapt without skills. Saying skills I mean not only java skills, the most required ones is understanding lineage 2 core processes task-scheduling and client-server networking  communication.   You need to: -learn some core information about Java language -learn some lessons about java programming to understand what is java classes, packages, imports etc. -learn how to edit java source code with some IDE (one of them eclipse) -learn how to compile java source code (with ant for example)   Then for the best way you need to get most popular sources form thread above and try to integrate that scripts like for native, I mean as I can see that mostly provided scripts are for acis, so take acis sources and ty to integrate or find something directly for mobius etc.   Doing all this you will need to understand three things First - How player communicates with server What is action bypasses (when player clicks some link in HTML) and where your server handles it (find RequestBypassToServer packet and learn how its working) What is user/voice/admin commands (when player writes some in chat with "." or "/" or "//") and where your server handles it (find VoiceCommandHandler and learn how its working)   Second - How server doing core logic If addon has some logic that not depends on direct user action it will mostly required some scheduled task (some logic that will be runs periodically), so you need to  find some ThreadPoolManager and Runnable usages and understand how its working Maybe you will need some data storage, so you will need to find how server working with database (try to find how server executes SQL requests, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE)   Third - How server communicates back to player You need to find how server sends packets to player, find some sendPacket() method and its usages, for example Say2 packet (its when server sends some chat message to client) etc   Unfortunately there is no easy way, some sources will be easier to adapt cuz of similarity between sources some will be harder  
    • I'm starting on this. I know enough to be able to make my website with php, html and css. I also know linux to maintain a server but I don't know anything about java and its compilation.   Can anyone help me learn how to add this type of code to a server? I'm using L2jMobius, but I have no idea or concept of how to start to add codes. Do I need to add it before compiling? Can it be added once the datapack is compiled? How do I know where I should add it?   I would appreciate any kind of information, please!   I wanna to add some codes nex collection, like TvT events, etc:     See you guys and thanks for all the help are in the forum!
    • it says standard here , that is , without protection , it is made from another source code , the goal of my dll is just to kill the game guard , the hwid code is cut out there , since no one uses the old protections on projects - but your answer is clear   ps then choose another option for yourself )
    • remove  DisableGameGuard() from code at all.  compile and send here new dsetup.dll  
    • I shared my dsetup with the HWID system but I can't log in that Error. When I put yours it gave this error.
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