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interlude [L2Off] Linworld


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2017/01/14 18:00 GMT+2


Interlude Ultra x10




exp/sp - х10
exp/sp RB - x10
adena (quantity) - х10
Spoil (chance) - х2
drop materials (chance) - х10
drop SpellBook - x10
drop Items, Recipes and parts (chance) - х10
drop Scroll Enchant and Life Stone (chance) - x10
Drop Herb`s - x1
SealStones (quantity) - х5

Manor - х3

RB & Epic drop (quantity) - х1
Epic drop (chance) - х1
RB drop till 62 (chance) - х10
RB drop till 74 (chance) - х5
RB drop on 75+ (chance) - х3

All quest items - x1
*These quests:
Alliance with Varka Silenos - rate x2
Alliance with Ketra Orcs - rate x2
The Finest Ingredients- rate x2
Heart in Search of Power - rate x2
The Zero Hour - rate x2
Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 1 - rate x2
Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 2 - rate x2
Whisper Of Dreams Part 1 - rate х2
Whisper Of Dreams Part 2 - rate х2
Legacy of Insolence - rate х2
Supplier of Reagents - rate х2
In Search of Fragments of Dimension - rate х2

quest rewards (adena, exp, sp) - x10
Clan Hall price`s are x10, minimum level 5 clan for buying.
Offline shop (OffTrade Starter) & AutoLoot (not herbs).
Allways auto and custom events.

Official drop/spoil patch.
Minimal Donate! (Premium Account, Accessories..)



Welcome to HardLowRate Interlude x10!!!


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Edit your title and remove the date and website.
You must keep your prefix and the name of your server.


Read the rules..

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gl to your server man.Sad part will be prob full of ru,create an english patch

its not mine, im just helping for them :)

i will tell admin about eng patch!


im gonna play here, if anybody wanna join u can find me in skype: feddex23

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99,8% you'll be that corrupted friend o his :not bad:

hehe, why u decided like that. im just like u mate,

i found this server 2 days ago, tested OBT for 10hours, and im really excited about the server. im from Lithuania and the server is Russian`s

its all because that im gonna play here myself and i want more people to play with, thats why im advertising it, cause its really good and not a java. its OFF files. u can check by yourself.everything is just awesome, geodata and other stuff

im not a friend of this community/admin or something else!

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