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Free Alternative To Teamspeak, Ventrilo & Skype While Playing


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Hello People,
I accidentally found this nice Free service which is very cool IMHO.
All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. Stop paying for TeamSpeak servers and hassling with Skype. Simplify your life.
Check it out => https://discordapp.com/features


/discuss :)

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Discord is being out for a while, its not new and it already has a large community. Its a great tool and I agree it renders skype / ts and raidtalk and all others useless.


Its not 'free' though, upon agreeing with discord's agreement during install you accept that discord is allowed to crawl into your computer with full permissions and legality and sell your data (marketing, etc), but you can live with that

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