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Wts Items/chars L2Apocalyps

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Im selling all my items and chars in L2Apocalyps, the following items are: Moira heavy foundation +6 set + shield +6 foundation. Attributes = full 120 on all 3x holy 3x wind 3x fire 2x water 2x dark 2x earth. Vesper cutter foundation focus +6 with Passive PvP P Atk and 300+ earth attribute, bow 300+ earth attribute.  Zaken earring +4, vorpal earring +6 stun augment resistance, vesper necklace and rings +4 the rest. 

The char class is HK has full +10 skills and has 50.5b adena in inventory as well as 24 beas, 1 bews some vote coins, bloody, 1k asofes, 700 alloy 2k gemstone s, 2 crystals blue soul lv 15, 34 eas and 165 GC.


I have 2 DBS too both full draconic, vesper naga +4 300+ and 150+. 

1 BP + nobless with full vesper set + shield + full vesper jewels

3 sph chars, 2 with full vesper + sigil and +4 caster +150 wind and 10+ skills. The sph chars has full dynsaty jewels and moirai necklace.

I also have a spoiler lv 85 full S grade armor heavy and vesper dual daggers.


Im looking for money via PayPal.


Skype : David.Cornelius90

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