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[L2J] L2Might


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Hello members of L2MxC one new Lineage 2 Interlude Server Start! Is one of the best interlude custom pvp server's! Enter and play with your friend's! http://www.l2might.eu/index.php







L2Might Rates


Exp: x2000

Sp: x2000

Adena: x1

Drop: x1

Spoil: x1

Top Grade Life Stones Rate: 15%

High Grade Life Stones Rate: 20%





Safe Enchant: +5

Max Enchant With Normal Scrolls: +30 {70%}

Max Enchant With Blessed Scrolls: +30 {90%}

Max Enchant With Crystal Scrolls: +35 {100%}

Max Enchant With Enchant Manager: +40 {100%}



Main Information


Main Town: Aden

Active GM (Always online 19:00 - 21:00 )

Scheme Buffer

Offline Shop

Only Allow Use 4 Active Augment

Raid Bosses Spawn Event 1-4 Hours

Max SubClasses 4

Max Alliance 3

100% Uptime

Buff slot: 40

Balance Classes ( 80% )

DualBox Allowed

Shout Chat With 15 PvP Only Allowed



Custom Items


Dusk Weapons

Gods Weapons

Legendary Weapons

Apella Armos

Dynasty Armors

Fighter Tattoo

Mage Tattoo

Epic Wings

Pixie Wings

Baium Hair

Kamael Wings

Goddess Hair

Vesper Cloaks

Butterfly Wings

Shock Wings

Dynasty Mask

Apella Mask

Custom Skins ( Japan , Shadow , Asassin )


Custom Commad's


Custom Npc's


Custom Announcemnts


Custom Raid Bosse's










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