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[Exploit]15.000 gold neary instant! Chance to work:99%! Chance to be banned: 0%!


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1. Get a scamming account. (Is bannable, but only the account you scammed on).


2. Then spam the trade chat with something like: "Selling my old wow account with a T5-T6 Deftank on it, from 3000g and above. /w me with bids" (GET A ARMORY LINK ON A DIFFERENT SERVER FIRST! FROM A CHARACTER!)


3. Then you will get about 5 Whispers. 2 Of the bids are statistically fake / fun bids. 3 of them are really interested.


4. To get the money from all 3 of the whisperers, say them: I will wait untill in 10 min I got the highest price.


5. You will have to work on 1 customer at a time, otherwise you'll to mistakes.


6. He will ask: "How are we going to do the trading?"

Tell him: "I will send the character to you via a character account transfer."

He will ask: "But we have to have the same sirname, isnt it?"

Tell him: "No it works with both different"

Case1: He will say: NO thats not correct, then:

Tell him that your Account has been hacked, and because blizzard couldnt define the correct username, they just left the sirname space blank..

Case2: He will say ok

7. Tell him: "I will need your email adress and a charactername of a character that is on the account you want the char on.


8. He will give you his emailadress. eg: xxxxx.yyyy@domain.com and his char name: "Kungen" (^^).


9. GO to: [HERE]


10. Read and fill in. Set the "From" to "noreplyeu@blizzard.com", set the title to : "character transfer succesfull"


11. The email body should be something like this: (I dont speak english so well, so i will just tell you the basic.:


Hello Kungen,


Your Bank Account has been succesfully charged with 0.00$ for following transfers:

Shelween AZSHARA(*) => Shelween NOZDORMU(*)


Please notice that Account names has been replaced with a "(*)".

The Character transfer can take up to 8 hours.


You can find the Support, for issues regarding the character transfer at http://support.wow-europe.com .






Blizzard Entertainment http://www.wow-europe.com/en



You may edit this email!


12. Wait for him to get the email.


13. Tell him to give you the gold, because the char transfer was succesfull.


14. Send the money to another account. Everytime you get cought it costs you a 3hours ban and can lead up to 72 hours. You may tell the people:" If you got any Problems with the character, dont write a ticket, because this leads your acccount get banned. And never tell him you have scammed him!


Regards, Aziris




Just figured I would post to try and contribute. I have copies of both the account transfer pending & completed emails (The real ones), and Ill post them below, starting with the Pending:




You have successfully submitted a request for the Paid Character Transfer service, to be performed for your characters on your World of Warcraft account: XXXXX.


Here is the list of characters which will be transferred during this process:


- XXXXX - Level XX "Race" "Class" on "Server" - moving to "Destination Server" on account XXXXXX



Each character transferred will cost $25.00 USD and is a ONE WAY TRANSFER. The total cost (before any applicable tax) for the above transfer operations will be $25.00 USD.  Please note that your card has NOT been charged at this time since the transfer has not yet been finalized.


Your character can be locked at any point during the processing of the transfer. If you log into the game before the transfer is complete and create any auctions, this will cause the transfer to fail and you will have to restart it through the website.


If you log into a character before the transfer is complete, this may delay it from processing so we encourage you to stay logged out until it is done. Keep in mind that you will lose any mail that you leave in your mailbox when the process is completed.


The estimated time for this transfer to be completed was provided while the character information was being entered. Upon completion of the process you will receive another email prompting you to sign into the Transactions page to finalize the transfer.


Alternatively, you may want to go online where you can finalize the transfer and view the status of your available, pending, and past transfers on the Paid Character Transfer Transactions page:




Once you have finalized the transaction, the amount listed will be deducted from your credit card and the character[ s ] will then be playable at the new location.


If you change your mind and do NOT want to have the above characters transferred, you will need to visit the Transactions page in order to cancel the pending transfer. This will unlock the character for play at its original location.


If you have questions or concerns about the Character Transfer procedure, we invite you to please visit the following links:

- Character Transfer FAQ: /support/wowbilling/?id=abl02008p

- Character Transfer Disclaimers: /support/wowbilling/?id=abl02101p

- Billing & Account Services Customer Support: /support/wowbilling

Please note that Blizzard representatives will NOT be able to accelerate the transfer process for you, but will be happy to answer any general questions you may have about the service.



We thank you for using the Paid Character Transfer service, and for playing World of Warcraft!




The World of Warcraft Support Team

Blizzard Entertainment








And here's the completed one:



Hello XXXX,


The character transfers listed below have been completed as of X/XX/2008. The character[ s ] listed will now appear in the new location and/or account selected and are immediately available for play!


- "Character Name" - Level XX "Race" "Class" - now on realm: "Destination Realm" and account XXXXX


YOUR TRANSACTION ID: XXXXXX. //This is 6 digits, no #'s, all caps.


The credit card provided at the start of your transfer purchase has been successfully charged for the amount of $$25.00. This amount covers 1 Paid Character Transfer[ s ] at $25.00 USD each, plus any applicable local taxes.


Please keep this e-mail on file for your records. If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your account, please contact Blizzard Billing & Account Services:

/support/wowbilling/ ]Blizzard Support





This transaction was completed according to the Disclaimers and Limitations, which were agreed to in full by the account holder, and which can be reviewed at the following link:



A history of Paid Character Transfers, including past and pending transactions, can be reviewed by the account holder by signing into the Transactions page at this link:



Blizzard thanks you for your patronage and for playing World of Warcraft. Happy adventuring!




The World of Warcraft Support Team

Blizzard Entertainment




Hope You Like It


Credits To Cern

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