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Close Beta High Five Jopacode Team

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Good day, server administrators and advance forgive sorry for bad English, use a translator.
Our development team is gaining 10 persons for the closed beta build. At the time of the test assembly is provided free of charge, you only need to fulfill some conditions:
Conditions of distribution:

     1.You are not a moron and do not ask stupid questions;
     2.You are about to open a live project;
     3.Your IP address is not on the Ukrainian providers;
     4.You provide us with bug-report (ideally as possible and give the section on the forum);
     5.Your age is clearly above 18 years of age;
     6.You must be registered on the forum;


fixlist - only RU;

update: only RU;


Developers Skype :  mwmkrr

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