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Char Or Items L2Gold.us


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Hello I'm selling the whole char or the items from the char.

The char contains the following:



1) D.Staff +19

2) Dynasty Robe Set for Mage all parts +8

3) Gold Circlet (Gives 10% p.def)

4) Silver Circlet (Gives 10% m.def)




1) Ring Of Baium +6 (Increasing Atk. Speed, Casting Speed you know what else)

2) Ring Of Horuth +6 ( P.def +10%)

3) Earring Of Kandra +6 (Resistance to Wind 10%)

4) Earring Of Ipos +8 (Resistance to Daggers 10%)

5) Earring Of Garacsia +6 ( Resistance to Bow Attacks 10%)

6) Necklace Of Valakas +8




1) Shield Of Reflect

2) Shield of Evasion

3) Dusk Shield



Demonic WIngs and 1kkk in char.

Pm me for more info screens and so on and let me know for a price... You can check the prices through game in GK check donation list.



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