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L2 Saga X10 Adena/items/chars !

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WTS adena/sets/weapons and etc on l2 saga x10.
Fast and reliable transactions , payment via paypal,
Items in stock :
Vesper robe +6/4/7/7/8 lvl 4 atr

Vesper noble robe +8/6/7/8/8 lvl4-7 atr.
Moirai heavy found set +6 lvl 4-7 atr.
Vesper caster acumen +6 200 wind

Vesper thrower focus 300 holy(found)

Vepser shaper haste 300 holy
Vesper slasher +6 300 holy
Pvp def belt
Necklace of freya.
atri stones, Sa crystals , saga coins , festival coins, vote coins and etc.


Pm me at forum or skype stef_sb for more info.

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