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interlude [L2J] L2 Oblivion


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Client and Platform
Client - Interlude C6. Server is based on paid for russian L2j platform. Server is secured with SmartGuard which guarantess a full protection. Server uses paid for Geodata and Pathnodes. Server is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection.
Server Rates
XP - 100x
Party XP - 2x
SP - 100x
Drop - 20x
Adena - 120x
Spoil - 50x
Quest Reward - 3x
Quest Drop - 10x
RaidBoss Drop - 15x
Zero Hour Reward - 2x
Enchant Rates
Max Enchant - +16
Safe Enchant - +4
Simple Scroll - 58%
Blessed Scroll - 64%
Crystal Scroll - 64%
Olympiad Information
Olympiad Starts - 18.00 (GMT+2).
Olympiad Ends - 24.00 (GMT+2).
Hero changes every - Sunday 24.00 (GMT+2).
Hero can be retreived from Monument of Heroes.
Olympiad Points have to be exchanged on Sundays.
Additional Information
Class change - Free/No quest.
Subclass - No quest
Buff time - 2 hours
22 Buff Slots + 4 debuff.
Main town Giran.
Fully working Raidbosses.
Fully working Grandbosses.
Fully working Offline shops.
Fully working Sieges.
Fully working Auto Events.
Fully working Macro engine (full armor equip).
Augmentation is Free .
Fully working Augmentation .
Fully working Augmentation skills.
Global Olympiad.
Scheme buffer
Server commands: .menu (Server statistics, Premium activation, etc..).
Vote system inside game. ALT+B
Ideally balanced classes (done in Olympiad environment).
Grand Boss Respawn
Antharas: Respawn= 144 hours +/- 2 Hours
Valakas: Respawn= 192 hours +/- 4 Hours
Baium: Respawn= 96 hours +/- 2 Hours
Zaken: Respawn= 40 hours +/- 2 Hours
Frintezza: Respawn= 48 hours +/- 2 Hours
Core: Respawn= 24 hours +/- 2 Hours
Orfen: Respawn= 18 hours +/- 2 Hours
Queen Ant: Respawn= 32 hours +/- 2 Hours
Barakiel: Respawn= 5 hours +/- 1Hours

Clan Manager - 7,8lvl clan and clan rep npc (Can be found in Giran city center)
GM Shop up to B-Grade (Can be found at GMSHOP npc)
Event Shop (Can be found at GMSHOP npc)
Donation Shop (Can be found in Giran city center)
Wedding manager
Buffer + Buff Profiles/Schemes
Merchant of Mammon (Can be found in Giran city center)
Blacksmith of Mammon (Can be found in Giran city center)
Changer (Seperate NPC).


I dont own the srv i just share it cause it's a srv worth playing

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