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[Help]Drop Problem



hello, kindly help me, i have a problem in drop list with mobs and raidbosses, before i post this topic i searched for 3 dayes in a row :'( but i couldn't find any good result for me 

i'm using (( L2Jfrozen )) rev 1150 i think 

the problem is, when i add a new droplist in a normal mob to dorp adena + farm coin so all what i know is Cat "0" is for adena so if i added both of em

with cat"0" will drop one of em by chance, so i make adena cat"0" and farm coin cat"1" , all of em chance 1000000, all that must drop both of them 100%

,,,,, actually no... nothing happend like that, only cat"0" works 100%, and cat"200" for life stone alsor work 100%

nothing more,,,

and about the raid boss drop have same problem, i need to multi drop like (( farm coin + blessed enchant Bgrade + blessed armor s Grade + etc... )) so with that problem i have

i can't do it :'(, i tryed to search but i couldn't found any fair result .. any help ?..


ps i try to usd all Cat that 1 for seal stone and 2 for etc i try from 1 to  100000 and none of them work 

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