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hellbound [L2Off] Lineage 2 Golden Age

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Lineage 2 Golden Age team would like to introduce their server designed for more old school players. We don't aim a huge community, just a nice place for everyone who want to play peacefully and progressing step by step.
Our server is mainly French oriented but we are ready to allow international players to come and play here by translating everything needed into English language, plus our team is english speaker.

We are opened since one month but the max gear is still S-Grade only, so it's still the good time to join in combination with our "new players starter pack".

~ Starter Pack:
- Fighter/Mage No-Grade Weapon
- 2000x Soulshot/Spiritshot No-Grade
- D-Grade Shadow Amor Sets (Heavy, Light, Robe)
- 3000x Soulshot/Spiritshot D-Grade
- 7 Days - Horse
- XP/SP is boosted for low level players: rates are x30 till level 40 and x24 between level 40 and 52.


Our server is running on a OFFICIAL platform (L2OFF) with Epilogue Chronicle allowing us to offer a very high quality, authentical and unique gaming experience.


Protection is implemented on our server to ensure you play in an environment safe from cheaters: clicker, spammers and botters !

Gameplay Upgrade:

In order to increase the life of our server and to allow our players to constantly have a goal to achieve over the long term, we will make some small gameplay changes over time.

Currently, you have access only to Dynasty via Hellbound since quests introduced in Epilogue will initially be disabled.
To unlock Hellbound you've to defeat Baylor !

Obtaining S Grade stuff has been greatly facilitated through increase in the drop rate of quest items in order to give an interest to this equipment.


XP: x20 SP: x20 Adena: x20 Drop: x7 Spoil: x10


We made increases on quests to give you a more enjoyable gaming experience. The changes is related to the reward or the amount of Quest Item dropped.

Pailaka: Reward x2
Seven Signs: Reward x2
Pagan Temple: Drop Quantity x2
Blank Scrolls: Drop Quantity x3
Dimensional Fragment: Drop Quantity x3
Reagent Pouch: Drop Quantity x3
Ketra/Varka: Drop Quantity x6
Imperial Tomb: Drop Quantity x6
Hot Spring: Drop Quantity x6
Forge of the Gods: Drop Quantity x6
Stakato's Nest : Drop Quantity x2

The following Epilogue Zone Quests are currently disabled for further gameplay upgrade:

Giant Cave
Field of Whispers
Field of Silence
Den of Evil
Mithril Mines
Crypts of Disgrace
Primeval Isle

Hellbound and Crystal Cavern are the main way for obtaining Dynasty.



Buff Slots: Retail
Buff Time: Retail
Autoloot: Activated
Classes: NPC "Destiny Master"
Subclass: NPC "Destiny Master"
Nobless: Quest
Olympiad: 20h00-00h00
Newbie Guide: No level restriction - buffs available till level 85
Offline Shop: Activated (set your shop and click on Adena in your inventory)
Shout Chat ("!" orange) is Global, all over the server.
GMShop: available in Giran place, it's an extension of Luxury Shop by selling Clean Top B and Low A equipments - Soul Crystal 10-12.

Voting for our server using our website and being connected to your account will allow you to be rewarded with "Golden Coin". Those coins can be exchanged for potions, scrolls, accessories, pets, vitality items at NPC "Emilia" in Giran.

Website: www.l2goldenage.eu

Feel free to join and play in a long term server, our staff will be ready to receive you in the best way possible: don't hesitate to talk to them in English.

See you in game ! ;)

Edited by Lineage2GoldenAge
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You crippled your chances at a bigger community when you didn't advertise the server  at the proper time, coming here after a month is not going to work miracles , but i admire the fact that you don't request donations and the fact that you went with this chronicle.

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Thank you for your message and your positive words. I will take few minutes to answer you.

We never expected to open to large community with this project, our players asked to increase our visibility to the world by allowing and translating everything to English.

We know that we will not have huge increase of players with such "low advertise" on international community, it's just a little plus. Our server was for French Community at the beggining.


Indeed, If we wanted to make a full new international server with huge server network... advertising campain etc... we have to spend tons of money and have a fresh start.

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What's your opinion about the server? @Lineage2GoldenAge 
I mean even if the population is low , that's still okay. Some people prefer playing on not so crowded servers/zones etc. But my question is like are there 10 clans with 10 people inside or like 3 clans that bring some competition.

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Thank you for your interest. I will try to answer your question in the best way possible.
Indeed our server have low population but we aim long-term (without wipe) project.
There is not many clan, people try to play as group as much as possible that mean that you can find only few clans, let's say "2 main clans" and one or two little.

I hope I answered to your question and feel free to come with your friends. More players we have, more people will want to join.

Thank you for your time, see you soon !

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For me this sounds like an excuse . u got low online and after u realized ( after 1 month ) that l2 actually needs to be fun and entertaining for a long period u decided to come advertise . ur topics were all in french and u didnt showed no interest in international community and now u come and ask to give a try after 1 month and with 20 online server ? Too bad i liked the chronicle and the rates but u really failed bad at start . next time u should advertise the server and focus also on international players if u want a bigger community . Like me many others wont give a chance to a 1 month server with 20-30 on . Gl with ur project and next time maybe learn from mistakes .

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It is not a excuse at all. We planned our server to be French only, like we did since the last 8 years. French community have low number of players and we know it since the beginning. We saw it decreasing little by little from +800 players per server to +/- 100 per server.

Our main target was never International Community but our players asked to try to open our doors worldwide and we did it. Our server is community driven, it means that we do the server for OUR players because we do this project driven by our passion (as you can see NO donation even if server cost +750€ to launch and cost money every month).


It's not a mistake at all, we are doing server since a very long time and have even worked for few international server so we know what we do. Having potential low population was know since the beginning.


We are always open to ANY suggestion and are really listening the wish of players worldwide, so if we see that huge number of players can be interested by a new and fully international server using such features, we can think twice.


Thank you for your time.

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Quad is kinda right about the international thing , but it's still worth giving a try. Pretty sure everyone else is tired of those interlude/h5 opening every month with great disbalance and stuff. At least you can find something else (gracia epilogue) here and the rates are also pretty good. You get top nograde stuff at beginning + enough shots and XP/SP rates are boosted till lvl40. ( 1-40 is like 1h30min~)

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For sure Quad is right but not about the fact that it's a mistake. We made those choices by knowing what will occurs.

Server is pretty new and you are still very able to build a strong character without being wiped by other players.

To complete the message of isaiahbone, rate bonus is even till level 52 (XP/SP is boosted for low level players: rates are x30 till level 40 and x24 between level 40 and 52).


Feel free to join and tell your friends, we are waiting you for a long run ! :)

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Fresh news from the server !
People are coming slowly and we're happy to welcome them !
Please consider that our server has entered validation period (Seven Signs) and Dusk has won.
Weekly maintenance are scheduled every wednesday (if it's needed).
We would like to remember you that our project is community driven. That's mean we won't wipe any time soon. We're aiming for a long time project. We won't give up !
Our features allow new player to be competitive really fast since there's still no S80 on the server. Our files give to our player an authentic gameplay from official.
The future is not written yet, you can still write it with your clan/friends !
Also here are some message we've gathered from our player about our project :

I am here because there is no other mid rate english gracia+ server. I hope to stay as admins made some good decisions like locking certain exp zones, whoever the dev is is really good also.

I also get the feeling that admins made the server for their love of lineage and not for a money grab.
I get the feeling that they want to improve the server but at the same time wont wipe it just because of low population.
From DarkDewer

I'm on the server because the files are good, I like Epilogue and everything is still dooable so I can take my time.

For the presence of the team, if we consider the population, it's very correct. The answer to technical problem are given in a reasonable time.
About improvement, it's all about population but it's not something you ( GM ) can act about it directly.
From Delmy (translated from french)
We hope to see us In Game for a long journey on our server !

Lineage 2 Golden Age team.

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