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hellbound [L2J] Lineage2Avalon


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Server Rate:
 Rate EXP: 10x
 Rate SP: 10x
 Rate Party EXP: 1.5x
 Rate Party SP: 1.5x
 Rate Drop Items: 10x
 Rate Drop Spoil: 10x
 Rate Drop Adena: 10x
 Rate Drop Manor: 10x
 Rate Raid Drop Items: 5x
 Rate Grand Drop Jewels: 1
Server Enchant Rate:
 Save Enchant: +3 
 Max Enchant: +16 
 Enchant Chance: 50% 
 Blessed Enchant Chance: 50% 
 Element Stone Chance: 50% 
 Element Stone Crystal Chance: 40%
Nastavení Serveru:
 Max Buff Amount: 24+ 4 
 Auto Loot mobs: Enable 
 Max Dance Amount: 12 
 Auto Loot Raids: Disabled 
 Max Debuff Amount: 12 
 All Buff: 1 Hod. 
 Player Spawn Protection: 60 sec 
 Automatic Learning Skills Enabled 
 OverWeight Limit: x99999 
 Vitality System: Enabled 
 HP/MP/CP Multiplier: 1x 
 Subclass Without Quest Enabled 
 Recipes Dwarf limit: 100 
 Subclass Change Master Enabled 
 Recipes Common limit: 100 
 Subclass Certification Working Properly 
 Mana Potion: 1000 MP 
 Class Balance: Available 
 Wedding Price: 250kk 
 Wedding System: Allowed Same Sex 
 Warehouse Slots: 200 players 
 Offline Trade: 10 days Enabled 
 Warehouse Slots: 240 dwarves 
 Offline Craft: 10 days Enabled 
 Inventory Slots: 200 players 
 PC Bang Points Enabled 
 Inventory Slots: 250 dwarves 
 Olympiad: Enabled 
 Max Subclass: 4 
 EXP & SP Runes Enabled 
 Max Subclass Level: 85 
 Seven Signs: Enabled 
 Hellbound Working up to Lvl 11 
 Boosted Rates Feature Available 
 Max DualBox na IP: no limit 
 Server DualBox: Enabled 
Olympiad Information:
 Olympiad Start: 18:00Hod. 
 Olympiad Classed Min Players: 3 
 Olympiad Ends: 24:00Hod. 
 Olympiad Non-Classed Min Players: 3 
 Hero Changes: 15 days (1-15) 
 DualBox in Olympiad: Disabled
Custom Npc: 
 Schema Buffer: Available 
 Game Shop: Available 
 Special Shop: Available 
 Donate Shop: Available 
 Vote Shop: Available 
 Class Master: Available 
 Servis Manager: Available 
 Merchant of Mammon: Available 
 Gatekeeper Global: Available 
 Event Manager: Available 
 Achievement Manager: Available 
 Bug Report Manager: Available 
 Points Manager: Available 
 Delevel Manager: Available 
Stalé Auto Eventy:
 Town War: Enabled 
 Event Team vs Team: Enabled 
 Event Capture The Flag: Enabled 
 Last Hero: Enabled 


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