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hellbound [L2J] Lineage 2 Gods


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A new beginning. After the store from forest issues, which brought great balance problems we decided to start over . So Grand opening will be friday at 18:00 + 2 Gmt.  Right now login server is online and you can reserve the new accounts. And because we lost time with that "bug" we offer premium account (sp/xp 500). New Gakekeeper, new vote reward ( individual) new shop, new event manager, new Dev.. and more... 
And thanks to all players who help this server ! Heil to them ! 
Server security from bots (L2Walker, L2Net, L2Tower, etc) provides LameGuard.
Security from all kinds of ddos attacks provides HyperFilter.COM*
Server rates:
Xp / Sp - 20x
Adena - 20x
Drop - 15x
Spoil - 15x
Quest Reward - 5x (Not for all)
Quest Drop - 10x (Not for all)
Raidboss Drop - 5x
Rate party XP - 2x
Zero our Reward - 2x
Olympiad Starts 18:00 (+2 GMT)
Olympiad Ends: 24:00 (+2 GMT)
Hero Changes: Every Sunday 24:00 (+2 GMT)
Olympiad points have to be exchanged on Sunday
Hero Status can be retrieved from Monument of Heroes
Enchantment Rates:
Max Enchant (Weapon / Armor): +16
Max Enchant (Jewelery): +16
Safe Enchant: +3
Simple Scroll: 55%
Blessed Scroll: 60%
Augmentation chance:
NG Skill Chance: 1%
Mid Skill Chance: 5%
Hight Skill Chance: 10%
Top Skill Chance 15%
Additional Information:
24 Buff Slots + 4 debuff
Buff Time 2 hours
Free SubClass Change
Fully working RaidBosses/GrandBosses
Global Olympiad
Auto Learn Skills
Scheme buffer
Ideally balanced classes (accomplished in Olympiad environment)
Added newest geodata.
Commands In Game
.menu panel for various setting your character
.botreport verifying that the player is not bot
.xpoff turns off gaining experience
.xpon turns on gaining experience
.combinetalisman combine all the same talismans in your inventory
.online show the number of online players
.offline create offline shop
.getreward reward from voting
.findparty list of players who are looking for a party ( Zaken, Freya )
.changepassword change your password
.repair teleport to a safe location
.gotolove wedding port to your partner.
.openatod [num] expands the number of Ancient Tome of the Demons
Next Information
Player can create Shop with his enchant buffs
NPC Olympiad Manager with ranking
Hero period is every 14 days
NPC Shop search
Solo Kamaloka lvl 85
Scheme NPC Buffer
Special Global Gate Keeper
GM Shop max S-grade
Auto learn skills
Raid Boss event
Special Shop for Mouse Coins
Vitality system
My Teleports
Subclass max. 3x
Subclass max. level 85
NPC Nevits Blessing
Community Board - Player Menu, TOP PvP, PK, Clans, Nexus, Buffer, VoteSystem, GM shop, more...
Announcement Raid Boss spawn
Tiat drop increased
Freya drop increased
Blacksmith Mammon in Giran
Merchant of Mammon in Giran
Auto Class Master
Forgotten Scrolls shop in Giran
Working Features :
Seed of Infinity
Seed of Destruction
Seed of Anihilation
Pailaka instances
Fortress Siege
Castle Siege
Seven Signs Epic Quests
Kamaloka instaces
Siegable Clanhalls
Delusion Chamber
Territorial Wars
* future time
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Dude we have no donation at this moment .... they just play is a easy server for all go and play and don`t hate Read this http://lineage2.teajuta.ro/forum/index.php?topic=87.0

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Ok, easy if you play with full bot party and with healers in your @ss. On higher level areas for example. 'coz this setup is strange. And is not fun when you almost kill the group of mobs - agression range everywhere is a joke- and bot clan kill with higher grade you from behind. F*ckin' boring for a newbie on a mid rate.

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I played there for a week. It has fake online and tons of bots and bugs. If you report bot, admin don't care. No bann, no jail, no delete character. So server has "players". :not bad:   GL!

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You have problems  with head :D i want you to make a server ... so i can bla bla bla ...with 0 money investment shut the fk up and go play Official ... and there have no bugs no bots ... no life :D

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