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  1. WTS ADENA: 1.00/100kk items: pendant lvl3 belts cloack pm for more info
  2. Hello all, wts cheap adena on l2Saga . Accepting payment by paypal. Fast deliviry 2-5 min. if u are interest pm here to this one who will buy from me .after the transaction in game if they make a post here ill give them a bonus as well thx in advance
  3. after rpg ,L2 rise is the most populeted server atm..if someone log can see it..
  4. Hello all, wts cheap adena on L2 rise. . current stock 160b(if somone buy 100b he will get a bonus(adena or items ) as well) Accepting payment by paypal. Fast deliviry 2-5 min. if u are interest pm here to this one who bought from me or will buy PLs make a reply here ill rly apriciate it. thx in advance
  5. Hello . as tittle says wts duelist on l2 rise with full equip vesper found full attri +8 set pvp pvp skill belt + hero cloack +8 shirt periel dual +8 duel mitght + pvp elegia earings +8 + b zaken + tezza +8 ring augemnt skils: heal, active duel might,reflect and more.. + donation pounds for rename and ect +200 festival adena can sell full char or just items..for more details pm
  6. ok 1. are u totaly noob? 2.are u drunk? 3. are u looking for a totaly noob?
  7. like u can alwys stealing those buffs..ur proly looking for niewbies and noobs xd
  8. and u call his a serious project?annoucne 1 month earlier and they dont even have a forum till last moment.no mention about the patch and etc.well no thnks!have fan!
  9. well my house isnt not something special but still,if this server cost almsot like my house..u should probalby kill urself for spending money and making the worts server in l2 history..and again i dont know if the word ''server'' its the right one to call this ...whatver it is.
  10. this server is homemade lame..dunno why u even call this ''server''..even ur website its a lame.anyway gl when u grow up.
  11. huge online?pls..if u mean 150-250 randoms who joined(like tales)ok gg server.
  12. so are u saying that there are more ppls to play a server with antibot prot than those who dont want antibote?where do u live?actuly in what age u live?its 2016 in case u did not notice(aka 10+years old game)