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Lineage 2 Official Ncoins/hero Coin Or Adena Hack


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IS there any working hack for Ncwest servers? I would like to have one for adena or ncoins. Also one without the bullshit servys would be great.

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Soo funny i forgot to laugh... *rolls eyes* 


So i'm guessing there either isn't one or no one wants to share.

do you even common sense bro?

1b costs around 30$ on officials and demand is still good, who ever discovered any exploit make own use out of it.

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1. I highly doubt such exploit exists.

2. Even if exists, no one would sell the exploit.

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Like the previous post implied, whoever would've discovered one won't be too generous to share it due to the current market demand for adena. Otherwise, they run the risk of the exploit being fixed and losing the benefit themselves. Simple.

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