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Tutorial Video Tutorial #5 - Watch Dogs Signature


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One more tutorial is up. This one is featured with the Main Role of the character of WatchDogs.

It has very less layers but, it's nice.

For any questions post in this topic.










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Hello thanks for all your tutorials, is very helpfull, i want ask you, how i can do this at 1:07" on video, with blur tool? And how i can put this topaz clean filter in my photoshop? Couse when i press on Filter tab, i cant find it...

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Well in 1:07 I smudged a bit the background just to give a more live feeling to it. Your key here is the smudge tool you can understand when you use it it's this icon. You will need soft brush tool in what p.x comforts p.x = size of soft brush tool.





For the topaz : https://www.topazlabs.com/downloads

You will crack it from the net is very easy the one I used is the Topaz Clean.

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    • the paradox is that .gotolove command is included in weddingmanager.java as a line but as i already told the command didnt work for a reason. maybe someone can help with this command?
    • neither vang or adv, your skills are working like l2j, you cant even understand what im talking about why am i wasting my time here lol xd    :))))
    • My video proves that surrender works as retail interlude and not gracia final slow cast ? *imagine my shock*   Difference is I point out exactly why my files are retail. You just talk about imaginary stuff trying to seem smart while in fact you have absolutely 0 clue how anything works on this game. I'm not even sure if you ever decompiled any files to look into actual code 😄   The only thing changed was that we removed "ss lag" (when spamming magic skills, after the first skill cast, the rest get cast slower as if ure not using ss because automatic ss load slower). If that's what you mean then lol. This gets implemented and removed in a minute.    Here is sps from retail (C5 - same as c4/interlude)       This conversation is done. You have 0 clue what you're talking about.
    • 🙂 did i mention anything about skill hittimes here? also your video proves that im correct even without checking the server as a player to test. gj
    • I did not ask you to give me solutions to problems of the files. I asked you to point out a specific problem on -MY- server and not acis rev from 2017 or even 2020 that was garbage.    You literally just admitted that your only experience is random servers left and right no1 knows of. Again, our pack is based on acis, but there's been massive updates on top of it which is not acis anymore but more of our own "extender". I did share a lot of those formulas with tryskell of course, but there's multiple things missing from the retail acis pack, especially in skilldata.   And this is where you show that you're a complete moron. You talk about surrender casting as if we haven't fixed that already on our pack. You don't even need to log on my server to see this, it's on youtube in the video showcasing our auto-farm. The reason why surrender is "slow cast" on acis is because they based it on advext (l2off btw) which is GF core and not C4/interlude like vanganth is. So when you say l2off, you need to specify which one. There's C4 core (vanganth) and GF core (advext).   These are issues we fixed literally 1 year ago just so a random guy like you can come on the forum and claim our pack has those issues without even logging on our beta that is freely available. Hope you understand how ridiculous you sound.   Video with surrender casting like retail on our pack: [Sped up version, You can slow it down]       Yep, and thank god tryskell upped the price so not every entitled kid can get their hands on them =]     I don't know who you are, but if your server wasn't worth playing, then maybe paying was the only option. I see many admins who are sour in this topic. Sad.
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