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__________Angel Vs Devil Source Pack And Client Files__________

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I made an Angel vs Devil Interlude server, but because of I study, I don't have the time to operate it, but it's fully tested.
It's name would be "L2 Mirage Server", so you can find many title like it in the pack. 
Fully unique Angel vs Devil engine has been programmed, so I can guarantee that you have never seen a server like this ANYWHERE.
With suitable publicity, the SUCCESS IS GUARANTEED!
The server pack contains a fully ready website, Custom system folder, Custom items (Custom shields, Accesories, Lindvior weapons, Custom Armor) and a trailer video of the server.
The server pack contains:
-Gm Shop
-Bug Reporter Npc
-Top Pvp Npc
-Event engine with unique events (like Running Event, Adena Boster Event)
-Accessorys Tattoos, that gives stat
-Anti Feed System
-Custom Faction System
-Unique Texture Lindvior Weapon,Custom Armor, Accessorys, Loading Logo and Picture
-Fully Working geodata and pathnode
-Custom Splash Screen
The website contains:
-Registration, Vote, Online Status scripts.
E-mail: blattdavid91@hotmail.com
Server Video:
Server Webpage:
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    • Gotcha! Here's the problem!!!!! Check those two screens carefully, you will see the diff 🙂    While you've setting up the UPnp to False, how can LoginHost be able to be enabled with the proper ip from whatismyip, also you have to add the same ip to the "ipconfig.xsml" it can be also edited with l2 file edit.....
    • I checked everything multiple times trying to solve this but I will gladly show you the server properties (Scrn 1=login/Scrn 2=Gserver). Something that does trouble me though is that in the configs it says "# WARNING: External/Internal IPs are now inside "ipconfig.xml" file." which is weird because it is either outdated from previous pack versions, or I am missing something. I searched every folder and there's only IPconfig.xsd which should only be the structure for the xml file. However people can still join normally (until the problem comes up).   https://prnt.sc/t_M8jnYxyMJE https://prnt.sc/YH9vH049bbHy Also in the gameserver console, when the server starts I do get this which I have no idea how I could change. https://prnt.sc/C0xopNurFYm2
    • Name appearing as null is fine, since it's the name the pet owner decides to put which is taken in consideration - and by default, no pet got any name. The "null" appearance only occurs on custom (admin) messages, so it's not problematic aswell since nowhere else client finds such info. We can use template name if no personal name exists, but that's only for aesthetic purpose. I will make a commit for that. The inventory flute with "no name exists" is also, perfectly fine from the moment the owner didn't set any name (same on L2OFF aswell). If he sets a name, the value is edited. About the interaction itself, I tbh don't remember if I had to fix such issue between rev 401-latest. It works as intented on the PTS, which uses latest..
    • Did you made any mistakes through the configuration of the gameserver file??? Check it once again if you can and let me know please. 
    • Hello Destorion and thank you for the reply. Yes everything is fine in the l2.ini. For example, everyone can join the server after I open or restart it. It's only after some 5 or 10 minutes that if anyone tries to login, at the exact same moment I see my console saying that the gserver connection was lost. So I thought maybe something is changing in my IP and what not. I tried to use no-ip, same results. I am really lost on this one right now
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