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Aion Revolution V2.7 - Join Us Now - <Classic>


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                       AION-REVOLUTION 2.7 CLASSIC

In Aion, you are a winged Elyos or Asmodian, sworn enemy races, exploring a world of breathtaking beauty ripped asunder by a celestial war. In this stunning massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, abundant solo adventures, intriguing epic group quests, challenging dungeons, and massive Legion raids hone your battle skills to new heights. Take the fight against the dragonlike Balaur invaders into Balaurea, your common enemy's homeland, to save the shattered world you love. Game Features:
- A visually astonishing game world
- Soar through the skies with thrilling character flight
- Intense PvE and PvP combat
- Thousands of hours of story-driven content

Asmodians - The Asmodians are a brave and hardy people, separated from the Elyos by the Epic Cataclysm and plunged into a world of darkness and despair. To survive such desolation is one thing, but to thrive and prosper is quite another. The scars of their history are still exposed for all to see; as the Asmodians sank into their cold and somber world, their bodies started to change. In the darkness, their skin fell pale, and as their eyes adapted, they developed an otherworldly glow about them. To their own, Asmodians are infinitely generous and fiercely loyal - they would sooner give their life in battle than to see that of a comrade taken from them. However, outsiders beware; Asmodians are an increasingly hostile faction and will not think twice before bringing their colossal power into play. Similar to their Elyos counterparts, Asmodian Daevas are blessed with strength and the ability to fly, though their wings have darkened following many difficult years on Asmodae. They now follow the Shedim Lords, the five Empyrean Lords ordered by Siel and Israphel to protect the upper foundation of the Aion tower, the Tower of Darkness, and with them have 
established the city of Pandaemonium.

Balaur - The term “Balaur” invokes images of terror and fear for the level of destruction that they caused, and continue to cause, in Atreia. A mighty and highly intelligent race created by Aion to rule the planet’s population (including the human races), the Balaur quickly became fixated with power and servitude. Their obsession eventually threatened The Tower of Eternity after violating the restrictions that Aion placed on them, forcing the god to create the Empyrean Lords to safeguard the planet and its people. After a long and vicious war against the Empyrean Lords, the Balaur were involved in the destruction of the Tower of Eternity during an intended meeting for peace. In retaliation, the Empyrean Lords banished the Balaur, sealing them inside the Abyss, an unstable rift between the two shattered halves of Atreia. Recently however, the Balaur have managed to escape from their prison, and threaten this fragile world with their fury once again...

Elyos - The Elyos occupy the lower half of Atreia, known as Elysea. After the Epic Cataclysm, they found themselves bathed in sunlight for over 750 years and, as a result, have transformed into a beautiful and radiant people. However, their splendor has also led to the Elyos becoming arrogant; they see themselves as blessed by Aion, while the Asmodians, cast into darkness by the Epic Cataclysm, are seen by the Elyos as cursed creatures. As a people, the Elyos can be comforting, with a warm and friendly manner. Against foes however, no such trace of kindliness or benevolence can be found. Their ascended forms feature stunning, angelic wings and they carry immense strength that belies their graceful facade. The Elyos now serve the five Seraphim Lords who helped them build their city of Sanctum and guided them to safety when all seemed lost. The stump of the Tower of Eternity that stands on Elysea is now known as the Tower of Light, and serves as a constant reminder to its people of the terrible mistake perpetuated by the Asmodian people and their Shedim Lords.

Full AION - 2.7 - International Client support
All patch features until 2.7 are integrated 
-Daily Events
-World PvP System
-No Restriction No P2W No Goldpack
-Chat Server And Channels Work
-Rift System Work
-Coliseum Work
-Sieges up to 2.7 integrated
-Invasion Raid integrated
-High amounts of players online
-Pets Works
-Free Survey 
-All Instances Work
-All Stigma Work
-World Boss Added
-All Classes Work
-Retail Crafting
-Retail Emotes
-GeoData Integrated
-ANTI-HACK system
-Godstone System Integrated
And all previous retail features (Quests,Instances,Items)

Server Rates
Exp: -x3
Kinah: -x3
Drop: -x3
Quest: -x3


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