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High Five [L2J]L2 League Of Legends


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Hello and welcome to Lineage2 League of Legends.
You didn't see that one coming did you?
The title is not just for marketing. This is indeed a fusion of Lineage2 and league of legends.

The concept is simple. LoL map, lol champions, lol gameplay, lol skills, lol everything Inside the world and mechanics of Lineage2.
Yeah this is legit and doable and here is an example of how models and animations can be imported.

The game is simple. If you can play lol you can play l2lol too. However changing the top down view to a third person one requires more skill.

The server is based on this gameplay and whatever you do inside the summoners rift will be what actually matters.

You start as unranked and then you play the first 10 games to get your rank. The ranks are the same as in lol. However there will be a validation system where you will be able to import your actuals league of legends account rank in the server.


Guess what? The rewards are the same as ingame. IP in order to buy more champions. IP can be spent in runes, rune pages, renaming and other stuff.

The game itself

So you create a character and upon creation you get a pop up. You get to choose 3 champions and they become yours. These are one of a kind. Tank mage and assassin. Then you are good to queue and start the games.

Upon finding a game you will choose the champion you want to play as. Entering that summoners rift will transform you to that champion and give you the 4 skills to start and choose and also 2 hero drops and teleport. Your Adena increase over time and you gain xp and gold for whatever you get in league of legends too. Everything is the same. The stats the skills and the items. Even the champion damage and spells.

Finishing the game transforms you back to the player.


The game will launch with 16 champions.

  • Akali
  • Annie
  • Alistar
  • Brand
  • Cho Gath
  • Evelynn
  • Fiora
  • Janna
  • Irelia
  • Kassadin
  • Kayle
  • Soraka
  • Tristana
  • Trundle
  • Volibear

Hero spells

Here is the list of hero spells you can use

  • Smite
  • Flash
  • Teleport
  • Heal
  • Barrier
  • Ghost

Buying stuff

In L2LoL you will be able to buy RP in order to spend on skins or other stuff without affecting the balance.

This is a small preview of what is coming.
Let me hear your suggestions on this.
I need all the feedback I can get good or bad.

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This guy is the real shit. Inspired by smite using League in the L2 enviroment. Holy fuck. Best of luck with this, well, truly unique project!!

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This idea sucks.

2 diffirent games, no point to spent ur time for this.

Not the proper way to comment on true innovating.

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This idea sucks.

2 diffirent games, no point to spent ur time for this.

Smite is wow and lol combined which has pretty much this. Guess how many million players it has.
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Aren't there fundamental game mechanic differences in LoL?


Like magic auto attacks.




Someone tried to do this before already.

It was very awkward and it died because in the small community that it had, some people could do well because they played LoL and had the advantage; they banded together and essentially everyone who didn't play LoL before just ragequit.

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this sucks...other game is L2 other game is lol

only sucks? this is the most gay and disgusting thing I ve ever seen in my whole life XD btw I hate league of legends so much, all my friends are playing this sh1t but i swear its a peace of shit its , who ever created l.o.l should die on cancer , its from dota this facking gay dota destroyed everything and now the creator are rich like hell, really fair life

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